The Siam Society under Royal Patronage was founded in 1904 in cooperation with Thai and foreign scholars to promote knowledge of Thailand and its surrounding region.

The Society premises on Asoke Montri Road in Bangkok house a library that has a unique collection including manuscripts and rare books. The Kamthieng House, a precious example of northern Thai architecture, houses a folk museum. Study trips are made to historical sites, cultural events, and nature sites in all corners of Thailand and overseas. Lectures are organized several times a month on a wide range of topics. The Journal of the Siam Society and the Natural History Bulletin are published annually and distributed free to members. The Society also publishes scholarly books; stages performances of music, dance, and drama; hosts exhibitions and conferences; and is involved in projects of cultural preservation.

Today, the Siam Society has a membership drawn from a broad spectrum of Thais and foreigners, and continues to operate as a non-profit organization dedicated to its founding cause.


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:-- The Natural History Section is pleased to announce that Volume 60 No 1 of the Bulletin has now been published. It will be sent out to members soon, but articles from it can be downloaded here>>>.
:-- The Minute Books of the Siam Society from 1904 have been inscribed on the UNESCO Memory of the World. Register as a record of international cooperation in research and the dissemination of knowledge in the arts and sciences. More>>>

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A Tale of Youth and of Three Cities: Vienna; Bonn; Hamburg. Gustav Mahler (1860 – 1911): Piano Quartet in A minor. More>>>

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LECTURES (all lectures are in English unless otherwise stated)

8 January 2015 (Thursday) 7.30 p.m.
Archaeology of the Middle Mekong Basin: Will knowledge survive development and looting? A talk by Joyce White. Preservation of the archaeological heritage of Southeast Asia is a topic of increasing concern to many constituencies beyond scholars. Not only is the physical conservation of sites important, but understanding the ancient societies is a primary objective for both archaeologists and lay audiences such as tourists and educators. More>>>

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21 December 2014
A Sunday Hike in Chalerm Rattanakosin National Park
Leader: Khun Ekkarin Latthasaksiri, Study Trip Manager

Chalerm Rattanakosin National Park is located some 230 kilometres from Bangkok. It is the smallest of Kanchanaburi province’s five national parks. Within its 59 square kilometers, spectacular caves, waterfalls and peaceful forest trails are among the park highlights. More>>>

16 - 18 January 2015
Loei : Remote countryside and spectacular mountain scenery
Leader: Mr. Euayporn Kerdchouay,
Senior Consultant
Loei Province is about 520 kilometres from Bangkok. Geographically it is in the northeast, but Loei shares many characteristics with the northern region. There are many high hills and mountains and it was formerly a small and quiet place. More>>>

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