Lecture Series “Contemporary Design in Thailand”

From Historical to Contemporary Design by SuMphat Gallery. A Talk by Rush Pleansuk and Philippe Moisan



SuMphat Gallery combines the knowledge of handcrafting and industrial fields, creating the remarkable aesthetics of texture and shapes like those that distinguish natural flowers from the artificial ones and ones that exclude human beings from robots. Their works are inspired by the simplicity and humbleness of nature to bring peace and tranquillity to the residents. The works are driven by ‘Wabi Sabi’ philosophy; SuMphat’s design combines with traditional handcrafting and the modern way of living.

For many years’ journey, Rush Pleansuk and Philippe Moisan have been working with the government and private sectors to learn and search for local wisdom, materials, and undisclosed history, transforming them through the experiences and capabilities of their various fields of expertise such as architecture, art, and design.

Finally, SuMphat Gallery had been established to reveal worthwhile designs and traditional techniques in new forms and bring back income to the locals. Their works connect the modern user and the local community and include several techniques for sustainability and equality to share in the community.


Born in Bangkok and studied for his master in Bordeaux, Mr Rush Pleansuk returned to Thailand with his Architectural degree specialising in Timber design along with an award for a building competition 'La Plateforme Génome Transcriptome' in France which has now been built. Currently, Rush does not only play the role of an architect but also as an awarded designer for his furniture design and product design such as the G-Mark design Award in Japan and the DEMark Award, Designer of the Year 2019 in Thailand and Prime Minister Export award during 2018 and 2019. His customers include Thai, French and Belgian companies and he also has his own brand under the name “SuMphat gallery”.

Rush Pleansuk reveals the worthwhile designs and traditional techniques in new forms which bring income to the locals. The son of two French graphic artists, Mr Philippe Moisan started out as a self-taught photographer. His photographic journey took him around the world, from Eastern Europe to America, through Hong Kong, New York, Shanghai, Bangkok, and more. In 2015 he held an exhibition with Rush Pleansuk for the first time. Their second collaboration in 2017 led to the creation of “SuMphat gallery”, a gallery of design and art dedicated mainly to their creations and installation.

Since 2017, Philippe has been working mainly on “Shirinyoku”, an implanted phenomenon in Japanese culture, the relaxation from bathing in the atmosphere of the forest.

Date: Thursday 14 November 2019
Time: 7.00 p.m.
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