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Vol. 1.0 1904

The Aims of the SocietyFrankfurter, O.
The Foundation of AyuthiaDamrong (Rajanubhab), H.R.H. Prince
On Siamese Proverbs and Idiomatic ExpressionsGerini, G.E.
Notes LaotiennesMorin, Pierre
On the Menam Mun and the Provinces in the EastPraja Kitkarachakr, Phya (Chaem Bunnag)
King MongkutFrankfurter, O.
The Foundation of the SocietyWilliamson, W.J.F.
Ordinary general meetings - First, Second, Third, FourthWilliamson, W.J.F.
Report and Accounts for 1904 (Notes)Frankfurter, O.
Meteorological Records (Notes)Highet, H. Campbell
To Contributors (Notes)Gerini G.E.

Vol. 2.1 1905

A Propose des Origines et de I'Histoire Ancienne du SiamPetithuguenin, P.
Researches into Indigenous Law of Siam as a study of Comparative JurisprudenceMasao, T.
Note sur les Populations de la Region des Montagnes des CardamonesBrengues, Jean
Some Archaeological Notes on Monthon PuketBourke, W. WaIter
A supposed Dutch Translation of a Siamese State Paper in 1688Anonymous (Frankfurter, O. ?)
Annual General Meeting of the Society Ordinary General Meetings- First, Second, Third, Fourth Report and Accounts-
Meteorological RecordsIn Memorium Doctor Jean Brengues

Vol. 2.2 1905

A Historical Retrospect of Junkceylon IslandGerini, G. E.

Vol. 3.1 1906

Climate and Health in BangkokHighet, H. Campbell
Montone Puket (Siam) Malay PeninsulaCarrington, John
Poket. Reprint from Dr. Bradley's Bangkok Calendar for 1871Bradley, D.B.

Vol. 3.2 1906

Romanizing SiameseFrankfurter, O.
Secret Writing in SiameseFrankfurter, O.
Economical Development of Siamvan der Heide, J. Homan
Annual General Meeting 1907. Report for 1906. Balance Sheet 1906-

Vol. 4.1 1907

About Siamese MedicineBeyer, C.
CorrespondenceBelhomme, R.
Siamese Missions to Ceylon in the 18th centuryF. (Frankfurter), O.
The Romanizing of SiameseF. (Frankfurter), O.

Vol. 4.2 1907

Note sur le regime legal de le CochinchinePech, F.
Some Siamese Ghost-lore and DemonologyIrwin, A.J.
Rainfall Records of the Kingdom of SiamAnonymous
Societe d' Angkor(Belhomme R.)

Vol. 4.3 1907

The Edible Bird Nest Islands of SiamDunlap, Eugene P.
Ordinary Meeting of the Society-
Report for 1907-
Accounts for 1907-
Annual General Meeting-
Meteorological Data for 1907-

Vol. 5.1 1908

Burmese Invasions of Siam (Part I-VI), Hmannan Yazawin Dawgyi(translated by Nai Thien)

Vol. 5.2 1908

The New Penal Code of SiamMasao, T.

Vol. 5.3 1908

Historical Sketch of LophburiDamrong, H.R.H Prince
Lopburi, Past and PresentGiblin, R.W.

Vol. 5.4 1908

Siam in 1688 (A Narrative of the Revolutions)Frankfurter, O.
Reports for 1908-
Accounts of the Society for 1908-
Annual Meeting, 1909-
Meteorological Abstract, 1908-
List of MembersList of Members

Vol. 6.1 1909

The Oldest Known Writing in Siamese; the inscription of Phra Ram Khamhaeng of Sukhothai, 1293 A.D.Bradley, C.B.

Vol. 6.2 1909

Early Astronomical and Magnetic Observations in SiamGiblin, R.W.

Vol. 6.3 1909

Events in Ayuddhya from Chulasakaraj 686-966(Translation)Frankfurter, O.
Some Remarks on Kaempfer's Description of Siam, 1690Frankfurter, O.

Vol. 7.1 1910

Translation of van Vliet's Description of the Kingdom of Siamvan Ravenswaay, L.F.
Sketch of Bishop Vey's lifeColombet, E.
The Annual ReportFrankfurter, O.
Accounts for 1909Giblin, Ronald W.
Meteorological Averages for 1909Highet, H. Campbell

Vol. 7.2 1910

The late King ChulalongkornFrankfurter, O.
Translation of "The book of the birds"Crosby, J.

Vol. 7.3 1910

Lettres du Roi de Siam à sa Fille la Princesse Nibha NabhatalaChulalongkorn, King (Translated by C. Notton)

Vol. 8.1 1911

Dipterocarpaceae of Northern ThailandRyan, F.D.

Vol. 8.2 1911

Intercourse between Burma and Siam (as recorded in Hmannan Yazawindawgyi, Part I-VIII)Phraison Salarak, Luang (translator)

Vol. 8.3 1911

L'imprimerie au SiamPetithuguenin, P.
The Abbe de ChoisyGiles, Francis H.
The Mission of Sir James Brooke to SiamFrankfurter, O.
Annual report for 1911Frankfurter, O.

Vol. 9.1 1912

List of the Commoner Birds Found in SiamGairdner, K.G.

Vol. 9.2 1912

The Climate of BangkokHighet, H. Campbell

Vol. 9.3 1912

Method for Romanizing SiamesePetithuguenin, P.
Meteorological tablesHighet, H. Campbell

Vol. 9.4 1913

Proposed System of Transliteration (The Romanisation of Siamese Words)Vajiravudh, H.M. King

Vol. 10.1 1913

The Proximate Source of the Siamese AlphabetBradley, Cornelius Beach
Recent Advances in our Knowledge of the Flora of SiamKerr, A.F.G.

Vol. 10.2 1913

The Attitudes of the BuddhaFrankfurter, O.

Vol. 10.3 1913

Immigration of the Mons into SiamHalliday, R.
General Meeting of the Society, 17th July1913Frankfurter, O.

Vol. 10.4 1913

Proposed system for the transliterationFrankfurter, O.
Notes on the Proposed System by His Majesty the KingFrankfurter, O.

Vol. 11.1 1914-15

Unofficial Mission of John MorganFrankfurter, O.
A Hybrid DipterocarpusKerr, A.F.G.
Small Pox, Vaccination and the New Vaccination Law in SiamHighet, H. Camphell

Vol. 11.2 1914-15

The Story of the Records of Siamese HistoryDamrong, H.R.H. Prince (Translated by O. Frankfurter)
An Early British Merchant in BangkokMoore,R. Adey

Vol. 11.3 1914-15

Intercourse between Burma and Siam as recorded in Hmannan YazawindawgyiPhraison Salarak, Luang (Translator)

Vol. 12.1 1918

Notes critiques sur l'inscription de Rama KhamhengCoedès, G.

Vol. 12.2 1918

Intercourse between Burma and SiamPhraison Salarak, Luang (Translator)

Vol. 12.3 1918

Some Notes about the Chaubun; a Disappearing Tribe in the Korat ProvinceSeidenfaden, Erik
Ruins at Muang Sing, KanburiGairdner, KG.
Note on Nature and Origin of LateriteBelhomme, R.
Meteorological data registered in Bangkok during the year 1918Highet, H Campbell

Vol. 13.1 1919

Intercourse between Burma and Siam as recorded in Hmannan Yazawindawi (concluded)Phraison Salarak, Luang (Translator)

Vol. 13.2 1919

Siamese History Prior to the Founding of AyuddhyaDamrong Rajanubhab, H.R.H. Prince

Vol. 13.3 1919

L'Inscription de Nagara JumCoedès, G.
Sur une pretendue traduction des Annales SiamoisesFinot, L.
Further Notes about the Chaubun, etc.Seidenfaden, Erik

Vol. 14.1 1921

The Origins of the Sukhodaya DynastyCoedès, G.
Lawa or Chaobun in Changvad PetchabunPetchabunburi, Phra

Vol. 14.2 1921

The Golden Pavilion at Wat SaiDamrong Rajanubhab, H.R.H. Prince
Siamese Documents of the Seventeenth CenturyCoedès, G.

Vol. 15.1 1922

Notes on some old Siamese GunsSewell, C. A. Seymour
Contribution to the knowledge of the insect galls of Siamvan Leeuwen, W.

Vol. 15.2 1922

An Excursion to LophburiSeidenfaden, Erik
Some Notes upon the Development of the Commerce of SiamNunn, W.
Note on "Pattani guns and Foundry Site"Bowen, John

Vol. 16.1 1922

Pottery in SiamGraham, W.A.
The funeral customs of the MonsHalliday, R.
Note sur une statue de princesse Siamoise de l'epoque d'AyudhyaCoedès, G.
The Yang Kala' (Karieng) or White KarensWalton E.J.

Vol. 16.2 1922

Thysanoptera from Siam and Indo-ChinaKarny, H.H.
The 60th anniversary of the birth of H.R.H. Prince Damrong Rajanubhab, vice patron of the Siam SocietyGraham, W.A.

Vol. 17.0 1923

An excursion to PhimaiSeidenfaden, E.
Meteorological observations made in Chiengmai, 1910-1914Kerr, A.F.G.
Some notes about the Karens in SiamAndersen, J.P.
Rueang rangkai thamniam phrapheni kan liang chip thung phasa chao yangdaengJan Khonthasen
The Red Karens, a translation of the above paperWalton, E:J.
The Lawa, additional noteSeidenfaden, E.
Nouvelles notes critiques sur l'inscription de Rama KhamhengCoedès, G.
Chat maeoBoriphan Thurarat

Vol. 18.1 1924

Legends and Folklore of Northern SiamLe May, R.S.
On the existence of temporary depressions in the solar climate of SiamGorczynski, Ladislas
Limestone in SiamGarrett, H.B.

Vol. 18.2 1924

Le Lakhon Nora ou Lakhon Chatri et les origines du Theatre classique SiamoisNicolas, Rene
A Journey along a part of the Siam-Burma frontierAndersen, J.P.
Ethnologic NotesKerr, A.F.G.

Vol. 18.3 1924

The Coinage of Siam: The Coins of the Bangkok Dynasty, 1782-1924Le May, R.S.
The Huey LotteryCartwright, B.O.
Vegetation of Koh Lam, with a Note by Dr. A.F.G. KerrSchmidt, Dr Johs

Vol. 19.1 1925

Doi AngkaGarrett, H.B., and Kerr, A.F.G.
Some results from the Polish Solar Radiation Expedition to Siam and Java (March-August 1923)Gorczynski, L.
Rapport sur les travaux du Service Archeologique pour l'annee 2466 (1924-1925)Coedès, G.
A visit to SawankalokLe May, R.S.
The Yao. (Translated)Sebastian, E.G.
Prawat chonchat yaoChan Rangsiyanon and Luang Bamrungnawakan

Vol. 19.3 1925

Angkor from a Siamese point of viewDamrong Rajanubhab, H.R.H. Prince
The "Pongsawadan of Luang Prasoet"Wood, W.A.R.
The Lu, translated from the SiameseLe May, R.S.
Supplementary noteSeidenfaden, E.
Lü VocabularySeidenfaden, E.

Vol. 20.1 1926-27

Siamese votive tablets (with 15 plates)Coedès, G.
Fernao Mendez Pinto's account of events in SiamWood, W.A.R.
The Kha Tong L'uangSeidenfaden, Erik
Notes d'etymologie tai: I. Le nom de nombre "Cent"Burnay, J., and Coedès, G

Vol. 20.2 1926-27

The introduction of western culture in SiamDamrong Rajanubhab, H.R.H. Prince
The pastime of rhyme-making and singing in rural SiamBidyalankarana, H.H. Prince
La vie religieuse du roi MongkutLingat, R.
A journey through an unfrequented part of Ayudhya districtAndersen, J.P.
Further notes on the Phi Tong Lu'angBourke-Borrowes, D.
Some information concerning the "Phi Tawng Luang"Winit Wanadorn, Phra

Vol. 20.3 1926-27

Some gleanings of manners and customs of the Chinese people as revealed in historical narratives and novelsIndra Montri, Phra
Notes upon the relations between Holland and SiamBlankwaardt, W.
The Emblem of the Siam SocietyLadell, W.R.S.

Vol. 21.1 1927-28

English Correspondence of King MongkutCoedès, G.
Le theatre d'ombres au SiamNicolas, R.
Two "Lawa" vocabulariesKerr, A.F.G.

Vol. 21.2 1927-28

Note sur notre transcription des parlers taiBurnay, J., and Coedès, G
The origins of the Sukhodaya scriptBurnay, J., and Coedès, G
Note sur les tons et les initiales du vieux-siamois a l'epoque de SukhodayaBurnay, J., and Coedès, G
ข et ต et leur origineBurnay, J., and Coedès, G
English Correspondence of King MongkutCoedès, G.

Vol. 21.3 1927-28

The excavations at P'ong Tük and their importance for the ancient history of SiamCoedès, G.
Problems of the Siamese alphabetSchrader, F. Otto

Vol. 22.1 1928

English Correspondence of King Mongkut (continued)Coedès, G.
Wat Benchamabopit and its Collection of Images of the BuddhaDamrong Rajanubhab, H.R.H. Prince

Vol. 22.2 1928

Hill Routes between Pitsanulok and LomsakRobbins, L.J.
Chinese Porcelain, and its CollectionLe May, Reginald
Texte de la loi Laksana Moradok d'apres le Manuscrit Vajiranana nitisaton mo 12 CS.1167Burnay, J. (editor)

Vol. 23.1 1929-30

The Indian Religion of the Goddess ShaktiKoester, Hans
Note sur la revision des Lois Siamoises en 1805Lingat, R.
Notes: January-June 1929 (Notes)Burnay, J.

Vol. 23.2 1929-30

Adversaria of Elephant Hunting, (together with an account of all the rites, observances and acts of worship to be performed in connection therewith, as well as notes on vocabularies of spirit language, fake or taboo language and elephant command words)Indra Montri Srichandrakumara, Phya (Francis H. Giles)
Elephant Hunting on the Korat Table-Land (Paper No 1)Indra Montri Srichandrakumara, Phya (Francis H. Giles)
Note sur le nom du Cap LiantBurnay, J.
De l'Origine des Echelles Musicales Javano- BalinaisesKunst, J.
A Virtue Ascribed to an ElephantKerr, A.F.G.

Vol. 23.3 1929-30

A History of Wat SaketLingat, R.
Inventaire des manuscrits juridiques siamois dits chabap luang et chbap rong song ratchakan thi 1Burnay, J.
Postage stamps of SiamAnonymous
A list of the institutions with which the Siam Society exchange publications (Note)Burnay, J.

Vol. 24.1 1930-31

History of Wat MahadhatuLingat, R.
Inventaire des manuscrits juridiques siamois dits chabap luang et chbap rong song ratchakan thi 1 (suite)Burnay, J.
Siamese: เ ย = ceiBurnay, J.

Vol. 24.2 1930

Inventaire des manuscrits juridiques siamois dits chabap luang et chbap rong song ratchakan thi 1 (suite)Burnay, J.
Notes on a Journey from Lopburi to PhrabadDhani, H.H. Prince
Stone Objects from Surat, Peninsular SiamEvans, Ivor H.N.
On some Pottery Objects from SuratEvans, Ivor H.N.

Vol. 25.1 1932

The Coinage of SiamLe May, Reginald
The Ambrosial Confection khaothipBidyalankarana, H.H. Prince
A Siamese Account of the Construction of the Temple on Khao Phanom RungSeidenfaden, Erik (tramslated by)

Vol. 25.2 1932

The New Laws on Civil ProcedureEygout, H.
Inventaire des Manuscrits juridiques siamois dits chabap luang et chabap rong song ratchakan (suite)Burnay, J.
An Account of the Rites and Ceremonies observed at Elephant Driving Operations in the seaboard province of Lang Suan, Southern SiamGiles, Francis H.
The Hill Tribes of Northern Siam (Notes)Seidenfaden, Erik

Vol. 26.1 1933

The French foreign mission in Siam during the XVIIth centuryHutchinson, E.W.
History of Wat PavaranivesaLingat R.
Additional note to a Siamese account of the construction of the temple on Khao Phanom RungSeidenfaden, Erik

Vol. 26.2 1933

The Inscriptions of Wat Phra JetubonDhani Nivat, H.H. Prince
Prehistorical Researches in SiamSarasin, Fritz
Notes on a Trip from Prachuap (Kaw Lak) to MerguiKerr, A.F.G.
Journey of Mgr. Lambert, Bishop of Beritus, from Tenasserim to Siam in 1662Hutchinson, E.W.
Transcription from Siamese into Roman CharactersAnonymous

Vol. 27.1 1935

Phaulkon's House at LopburiHutchinson, E.W.
Le Culte du Bouddha d'EmeraudeLingat, R.
An Account of the Hunting of the Wild Ox on Horse Back in the Provinces of Ubol Rajadhani and Kalasindhu, and the Rites and Ceremonies which have to be observedGiles, Francis H.
The Matanga-Llla. Translated from the original SanskritSastri, P.S.
Notes on Khu Mu'angSeidenfaden, Eric
A Propos du "Siam Directory"Smith, S.J.

Vol. 27.2 1935

Kulturgeographische Beobachtungen in der Landschaft urn Tali (Yiinnan) mit besonderer Beriicksichtigung des Nan Tsao ProblemsCredner, W.
The Lawa in Northern SiamHutchinson, E.W.
Four French State ManuscriptsHutchinson, E.W.

Vol. 28.1 1935

The Buddha's FootprintsBidyalankarana, H. R. H. Prince
Anthropological and Ethnological Research Work in SiamSeidenfaden, Erik
Further Documents on the Romanization of SiameseSeidenfaden, Erik
The Retirement of the French Garrison from Bangkok in the Year 1688Hutchinson, E.W.
Remarks on the Land Routes across the Malay Peninsula (Notes)Indra Montri, Phya (Giles, Francis H.)

Vol. 28.2 1935

An account of the ceremonies and rites performed when catching the pla buk, a species of catfish inhabiting the waters of the river Mekhong on the Northern and Eastern frontier of SiamGiles, F.H.
Sacred images in ChiengmaiHutchinson, E.W.
The statement of Khun Luang Ha WatVivadhanajaya, H.S.H. Prince
Vocabulary of Chawng words collected in Krat provinceIsarangura, Nai Noe
The Blow-pipe in North-Eastern Siam (Notes)Kerr, A.F.G.
A Keran doggerel (Notes)Deignan, H.G.
Some loan words in Siamese (Notes)Dhani Nivat, Prince
A further note about Khu Mu'ang (Notes)Dhani Nivat, Prince
The earliest translation of The Gospel into SiameseHutchinson, E.W.
A propos des lois Siamoises (Notes)Burnay, J.
Les trois Bangkok recorders (Notes)Lingat, R.
Note explaining the origin of the name of the town Paknampoh in the province of Nakorn SawanGiles, Francis (Indra Montri, Phya )
Who was Dharmaraja I of Sukhothai (Notes)Nakon P'rah Ram, P'rava

Vol. 29.1 1937

The Coins of North SiamKneedler, W. Harding
Tai PotteryNak6n P'rah Ram, P'raya
A propos de la Relation du Pere Gerbillon et de sa lettre au Pere Galard des 1 juillet et 1 novembre 1686 (Notes)J.B. (Burnay?)

Vol. 29.2 1937

Les noms a elements numeraux des principautes TaiRispaud, Jean
The Statement of Khun Luang Ha WatVivadhanajaya, H.S.H. Prince
The late Prince Purachatra (Notes)Seidenfaden, Erik

Vol. 30.1 1938

The Koh Lak traditionGiles, Francis H.
About a Love Philtre, known to Siamese as nam man prai-spirit oilGiles, Francis H.
An Ancient Chinese Blood Test for Proving ParentageGiles, Francis H.
An Account of a Trip made to Angkor Wat in 1872McFarland, S.G.
Note on the Visit to Angkor Wat: a Note by Dr. George B. McFarland, Dealing with the Intimate Aspect of His Father's Trip to Angkor Wat in 1872 (Notes)McFarland, George B.
A note on the Archaeological Aspect of Rev. Dr.S.G.McFarland's Account of His Visit to Angkor Wat in 1872 (Notes)Seidenfaden, Erik
The Races of Indochina (Notes)Seidenfaden, Erik
The Rice Grains from Khu Mu'ang (Notes)Seidenfaden, Erik
Are Certain Indian Rites of Melanesian Origin (Notes)Seidenfaden, Erik

Vol. 30.2 1938

Historical Account of Siam in the XVII centuryvan Vliet, Jeremie
A Critical Analysis of van Vliet's Historical Account, Parts I-IVGiles, Francis H.
Recent Archeological Research Work in Siam (Notes)Seidenfaden, E.

Vol. 30.3 1938

A Critical Analysis of van Vliet's Historical Account, parts VII & VIII (concluded)Giles, Francis H.

Vol. 31.1 1939

Early trade relations between Denmark and SiamDhani Nivat, H.H. Prince
The Colonization of primitive peoples with special consideration of the problem of the SelungBernatzik, H.A.
Some antiquities at Ta RuaSeidenfaden, Erik
Some antiquities on Doi SuthepSeidenfaden, Erik
Megaliths in BayabHutchinson, E.W.
The word Jetavan in old SiameseDhani Nivat, H.H.Prince
On Tai pottery (Notes)Le May, Reginald
On the coins of Northern Siam (Notes)Le May, Reginald
On symbols of sovereignty in India (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince
An analysis of das land der Tai (Notes)Seidenfaden, Erik

Vol. 31.2 1939

A French Garrison at Bangkok in 1687-88Hutchinson, E.W.
Khmer art and the work of the Ecole Française d'Extreme-OrientMarchal, Henri
The City of Thawarawadi Sri AyudhyaDhani Nivat, H.H. Prince
Materiaux pour une edition critique du Code de 1805Burnay, J.
Siam's Tribal DressesSeidenfaden, Erik
Kralahom (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince
Megaliths in Thailand (Notes)Hutchinson, E.W.

Vol. 32.1 1940

Early Portuguese Accounts of Thailandde Campos, Joaquim
The Lawa of Umphai and Middle Me PingSeidenfaden, Erik
On Hills-North East of Chiengmai (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince
The Lion Skin on the Throne (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince
The Chatri (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince

Vol. 32.2 1940

On the,origins of Meklong and JetavanDamrong, H.R.H. Prince
Rueang lamnam maeklong rueang phra chetawanDamrong, H.R.H. Prince
Philological NotesVarnvaidya, H.H. Prince
SapthathippaWan Waithayakon, Phraworawongthoe phra-ongchao
On the Origin of the Kosa with a Note by H.R.H. Prince Narisara Damrong, H.R.H. PrinceDhani Nivat, H.H. Prince
Thamniam sai kosa ma tae naiDamrong, H.R.H. Prince
Rueang kosaDhani Nivat, H.H. Prince

Vol. 33.1 1941

Sebha Recitation and the Story of Khun Chang Khun PhanBidya, H.H. Prince
An Appreciation of the Cahiers de l'Ecole Française d'Extreme-OrientSeidenfaden, Erik
Notification of the Royal Institute concerning the Transcription of Thai Characters into the RomanAnonymous
Notes biographiques sur Monseigneur BrigotBurnay, Jean
Obituary, J. E. DaviesDhani-Nivat, H.H. Prince

Vol. 33.2 1941

The Origin of the Ticalde Campos, J.J.
A propos de l'Auteur de la Recension Bradley de la Grande Chronique d' AyuthiaBurnay, J.
Fairy Tales of Common Origin (Notes)Seidenfaden, E.
Early Trade Relations between Denmark and Siam (Notes)Seidenfaden, E.
The Name of Lopburi (Notes)Seidenfaden, E.
On a Find of Neolithic Implements (Notes)Seidenfaden, E.
On the Rhododendron Microphyton (Notes)D.
A reply to Dr. Coedès' review of Buddhist Art in Siam (Notes)Le May, Reginald

Vol. 34.1 1943

Note sur les Jeux de Cerf VolantsSchweisguth, P.
Further Appreciation of the CahiersSeidenfaden, E.
The Peoples of the Menhirs and of the JarsSeidenfaden, E.
Fairy Tales of Common OriginSeidenfaden, E.
A Mystery Temple in Surat Province (Notes)Seidenfaden, Erik
Anthropological Gleanings (Notes)Seidenfaden, Erik
Common Religious Beliefs (Notes)Seidenfaden, Erik
The Svayamvara of Sita (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince

Vol. 34.2 1943

Uber Thai Sprichw6rterGiihler, U.
The So and the PhuthaiSeidenfaden, Erik
A Medical Retrospect of ThailandHofbauer, R.

Vol. 35.1 1944

His Royal Highness Prince Damrong Rajanubhab (Memoriam)Seidenfaden, Erik
The Empire of the South SeasCoedès, G.
Studie Ueber alte Metall-TrommelnGuehler, Ulrich
Une Nouvelle Inscription d'AyuthyaCoedès, G.
The Early Postal History of ThailandLindenberg, Paul P.

Vol. 35.2 1944

Thai CultureWan Waithayakon, H.R.H. Prince
Further Studies of old Thai CoinsGuehler, Ulrich
Vatican Papers of the XVII CenturyCarretto, P.
Jetawan (a further note)D. (Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince)

Vol. 36.1 1946

The Rama Jataka; a Lao versionDhani Nivat, H.H. Prince
Some Investigations on the Evolution of the Pre- Bangkok CoinageGuehler, Ulrich
Mon Influence on Thai Institutions (Notes)Seidenfaden, Erik
Notes on the Bulletin of the Institut Indochinois: Pour L'Etude de L'Homme, Vols. I-IV, 1938-1941 (Notes)Seidenfaden, Erik

Vol. 36.2 1947

The Old Siamese conception of the MonarchyDhani Nivat, H.H. Prince
The Golden MeruSaroj Ratananimman, Phra
The Travels of Ludovico di VarthemaGuehler, Ulrich

Vol. 37.1 1948

Notes on old Siamese CoinsGuehler, Ulrich
The Shadow-Play as a Possible Origin of the Masked-PlayDhani Nivat, H.H. Prince
Kickball and some other Parallels between Siam and MicronesiaEmbree, John F.
The Aesthetics of Buddhist SculptureFeroci, C.
A Literary Device Common to Homer and the East (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince
Kingship and Enthronement in Malaya (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince
A Ceylonese Version of the Story of Rama (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince
Buddhism in Ceylon (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince
A Portrait of Constance Phaulkon (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince

Vol. 37.2 1949

An Introduction to the Study of Archaeology from the air Part 1: TechniqueWilliams-Hunt, P.
King Mongkut's Autograph Letter to Pius IXDhani Nivat, H.H. Prince
Essay on the Symbols and Marks of old Siamese CoinsGuehler, Ulrich
Impressions of Doi Pulanka and the Miaos New YearPendleton, Robert L.
A Letter Written by Sir Robert H. Schomburgh H.B.M.'s Consul in Bangkok in 1960Guehler, Ulrich
Wilhelm Credner (Obituary)Guehler, Ulrich

Vol. 38.1 1950

Giant Early Man from Java and South ChinaSeidenfaden, Erik
Evolution of the Conception of Law in Burma and SiamLingat, R.
King Mongkut as a LegislatorPramoj, Seni, M.R.
Les "Nirat" ou poemes d'adieu dans la litterature SiamoiseSchweisguth, P.
The Junk in Pali (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince
Numismatics (Notes)Guehler, Ulrich

Vol. 38.2 1951

Sculpture of Peninsular Siam in the Ayuthya PeriodBoribal Buribhand, Luang, and Griswold, A.B.
The Loi KrathongAnuman Raiathon, Phya
Excursion to Nakorn PathomBoeles, J.J.

Vol. 39.1 1951

The Seven Spires, a Sanctuary of the Sacred Fig Tree at ChiengmaiHutchinson, E.W.
Affixion in SiameseGehr, E.
Ulrich Guehler (Obituary)Boeles, J.J.

Vol. 39.2 1952

The Tropical Far East and World HistoryFurnivall, J.S.
The Kui People of Cambodia and SiamSeidenfaden, Erik
Madanabadha, or The Romance of the Rose (King Rama VI's last work)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince
Phya Sarasastra Sirilakshna (Sanrasirn Sukhyang) (Obituary)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince

Vol. 40.1 1952

The History of the Thai in YunnanCarthew, M.
A short account of the Ahom peopleLambert, Eric T.D.
Phra CediAnuman Raiadhon, Phva
A Note on the Reverend Father SavinaSeidenfaden, Erik
Ethnic Groups of Northern Southeast Asia (Notes)Seidenfaden, Erik

Vol. 40.2 1952

Traditional Dress in the Classic Dance of SiamDhani Nivat, H.H. Prince
Traditional Thai PaintingFeroci, C.
Edible Birds' NestsQuate, Graham S.
Buddhism - the Fulfilment of HinduismAjarananda, S.
The Ceremony of Tham Khwan of a Month Old ChildAnuman Rajadhon, Phya
In Memoriam: Phya Indra Montri (Dr. F.H. Giles)Seidenfade, Erik
In Memoriam: H.R.H. Prince Rangsit of JainadDoll, W.A.M.
Errata to "The Kui people of Cambodia and Siam"Seidenfaden, E.

Vol. 41.1 1953

From Mergui to Singapore, 1686-1819: A neglected chapter in the naval history of the Indian OceanHall, D.G.E.
Le Nam Giao-Ses origines-Son rite-Sa significationNguyen Khoa Toan
The Nam Giao - A summary in English of the foregoing lectureGeelmuyden, Nicolai

Vol. 41.2 1954

The Buddha Images of Northern SiamGriswold, A.B.
Supplementary NotesGriswold, A.B.
The PhiAnuman Rajadhon, Phya
The Date and Authorship of the Romance of Phra LoDhani Nivat, Prince Kromamun Bidyalabh

Vol. 42.1 1954

Kingship in SiamSrivisarn Vacha, Phya
Human nature in the light of the Buddha's teachingsSuriyabongse, Luang
The water-throwingAnuman Rajadhon, Phya
Bathing ceremonyAnuman Rajadhon, Phya
Amusements during Songkran festivalAnuman Rajadhon, Phya

Vol. 42.2 1955

The end of Buddhist LentAnuman Rajadhon, Phya
Photographs of a journey down the PingHilton, R.J.

Vol. 43.1 1955

Some Hilltribes of North ThailandBlofeld, John
The Reconstruction of Rama I of the Chakri DynastyDhani Nivat, Prince
Divination by Ahom DeodhaisGagoi, Padmeswar
Me Posop, the Rice MotherAnuman Rajadhon, Phya

Vol. 43.2 1956

The DalangDhani Nivat, Prince
Excavations at the Chapel Royal at AyudhyaBoribal Buribhan, Luang
Sangambaeng Glazed PotteriesNimmanahaeminda, Kraisri
An appreciation of Colonel Henri Roux's 'Queleques minorites ethniques du Nord-Indochine'Seidenfaden, E.

Vol. 44.1 1956

The Lofty Sanctuary of Khao Phra ViharBlack, John

Vol. 44.2 1956

Siam and the Pottery Trade of AsiaSpinks, Charles Nelson
The Origins of Sukhodaya ArtQuaritch Wales, H.G.
The Political Expansion of the Mao ShansPadmeswar Gogoi
Was Nam Thorn the First King of SukhodayaKachorn Sukhabanij

Vol. 45.1 1957

King Mongkut in PerspectiveGriswold, A.B.
An Early Buddhist Civilization in Eastern SiamQuaritch Wales, H.G.
New Archaeological Discoveries in KanchanaburiHeider, Karl G.

Vol. 45.2 1957

The Impact of Buddhism on the WestLeidecker, Kurt F.
The Testimony of an Inhabitant of the City of AvaPhraison Salarak, Phra (Translator)
A Bioserological Consideration of the Migration of the Thai RaceSomsak Phansomboon
The Golden MeruAnuman Raiadhon, Phva
The Value of Oriental History for Historians (Notes)Toynbee, Arnold J.

Vol. 46.1 1958

The Culture of the Tibetan Border RegionsBlofeld, John
Early Civilizations of Southeast AsiaSoekmono
A Comparative Study of Indian and Western MusicBharati, Swami A.
The Yung-Kan CavesGeelmuyden, Nicolai
Siamese Treasures in the Library of CongressAnglemeyer, Mary
The Age of King Rama I of the Chakri DynastyDhani Nivat, HH Prince
The Origins of the VietnameseSeidenfaden, Erik

Vol. 46.2 1958

The Early Syam in Burma's HistoryLuce, Gordon H.
Poetic Translations from the Siamese: Selected Verses of Sri Prai and Sunthon BhuPramoj, Seni, M.R.

Vol. 47.1 1959

The Inscriptions of "Khao Prah Vihar"Black, John
The Early Syam in Burma's HistoryLuce, Gordon H.
A Poetic Translation from the Siamese: Prince Damrong's Reply in Verse to Rama VMosel, James N.
Luang Chakrapani Srisilavisuddhi (Obituary)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince

Vol. 47.2 1959

The Myth of Yamada Nagamasa and its Effect on Thai-Japanese RelationsParish, H. Carroll
Tradition and Change in Indo-Pakistani Classical MusicDehlavi, S.H.
A Poetic Translation from the Siamese: A Lokaniti VerseSeni Pramoj, M.R
Nang Talung (Notes)Dhani Nivat, Prince
The Dharmniam Rajatrakul Nai Krung Sayam (Protocol of the Royal Family) by Rama V (Notes)Mosel, James N.
The Establishment of the American Siam Society (Notes)Parish, H. Carroll

Vol. 48.1 1960

Our Knowledge of Khmer Civilization, A Re-appraisalGroslier, B.P.
Afterthoughts on the Romanization of SiameseGriswold, A.B.
Two Aspects of Buddhist Iconography in ThailandBoeles, J.J.
Buddha and HumanityChatterji, S.K.

Vol. 48.2 1960

Chen-li-fu : A State on the Gulf of Siam at the beginning of the 13th CenturyWolters, O.W.
Fertility Rites in ThailandAnuman Rajadhon, Phya
Siam and Sir James BrookeTarling, Nicholas
A Funeral in Yang Terng, Changwat Ubol Northeast ThailandKickert, Robert
Notes on Archaeological Survey and Excavations in North-Eastern Thailand in 1959Boeles J.J.
Protocol of the Royal Family (Note)Dhani Nivat, Prince

Vol. 49.1 1961

Thailand in the Light of Official Chinese Historiography: A Chapter in the "History of the Ming Dynasty"Grimm, T.
The Role of the Chinese in Lao SocietyHalpern, Joel
The Thai-Danish Pre-History Expedition 1960- 1962, Preliminary Expedition 1960-61Nielsen, Eigil
Some Siamese Superstitions About Trees and PlantsAnuman Rajadhon, Phya

Vol. 49.2 1961

A Preliminary Note on the Excavation of the Sai-Yok Rock-Sheltervan Heekeren, H.R.
Bangkok Museum Stone Inscription of MahendravarmanChhabra, B.Ch.
Temples of South IndiaThampi, Parvati
The Negrito of Peninsular ThailandBrandt, John H.
Thai Traditional SalutationAnuman Rajadhon, Phya
Charles Martin Anderson (Obituary)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince

Vol. 50.1 1962

The New Library and Research CentrePrem Purachatra, HH. Prince
The Thai Danish Prehistoric Expedition 1960-1962Nielsen, Eigil
A Brief Survey of the Sai-Yok Excavations 1961- 1962 Season of the Thai-Danish Prehistoric ExpeditionVan Heekeren, H.R.
Further Report on the Sai-Yok Excavations and on the Work at the Picture CaveKnuth, Eigil
From Paris to Ayuthia Three Hundred Years Ago June 18th, 1660-August 22nd, 1662Chorin, L.A.C.
The Cultural Background of the ECAFE RegionIbrahim A. Rashid

Vol. 50.2 1962

Study of Early Cartography of Thailand (Siam)Salwidhannidhes, Phva
The Mission of Sir John Bowring to SiamTarling, Nicholas
The Khwan and its CeremoniesAnuman Raiadhon, Phya
Expedition to the 'Khon Pa' (or Phi Tong Luang)Kraisri Nimmanahaeminda and Hertland-Swann, Julian

Vol. 51.1 1963

Contribution a l'Etude du Rituel Funeraire Lao (I),(II)Archaimbault, Charles
Geschichte der Chirurgie in Thailand 1828-1922Udom Poshakrishna
Thai-Danish Prehistoric Expedition 1960-1962van Heekeren, H.R.
Chao Luang Muak Kham (The Royal Master with the Golden Crown)Velder, Christian

Vol. 51.2 1963

Second Expedition to the Mrabri of North Thailand ("Khon Pa")Boeles, J.J.
The Mrabri: Anthropometric Genetic, and Medical ExaminationsFlatz, Gebhard
The Mrabri LanguageKraisri Nimmanahaeminda
Note: A Description of the Mrabri CampVelder, Christian
Notes on Kraisri's and Bernatzik's word listsSmalley, William A.

Vol. 52.1 1964

An 'Historical Atlas of Thailand'Sternstein, Larry
Thoughts on a CentenaryGriswold, A.B.
Religious Structures in LaosArchaimbault, C.
Ban KaoSorensen, Per
The King of Sri Dvaravatl and his RegaliaBoeles, J.J.

Vol. 52.2 1964

Pottery Manufacture in Sting Mor and Ban Nong Sua Kin Ma, ThailandSolheim, Wilhelm G.
An Early Brahmanical Sculpture at SonkhlaO'Connor, Stanlev J.
Thai Charms and AmuletsAnuman Rajadhon, Phva
The Lawa and Sgau Karen in Northwestern ThailandObayashi Taryo
A Stone Casket from SatinpraQuaritch Wales, H.G.
Some Archaeological Sites in North ThailandSharp, Ruth and Sharp, Lauriston

Vol. 53.1 1965

Muang Bon, a Town of Northern DvaravatiQuaritch Wales, H.G.
Dvaravati and Old BurmaLuce, Gordon H.
The Southeast Asian NegritoBrandt, John H.
The Angle-Siamese Secret Convention of 1897Thamsook Numnonda
Hide Figures of the RamakienDhani Nivat, H.H. Prince
Note: Wat Sijum, Sriraia, LavoBidyalabh, Kromamun
Data on Conditioned PoisonAnuman Rajadhon, Phya
'Krung Kao': The Old Capital of AyutthayaSternstein, Larry

Vol. 53.2 1965

A Study on Thai Folk TaleAnuman Rajadhon, Phya
Rice and ReligionLuce, Gordon H.
Harry Parkes' Negotiations in Bangkok in 1856Tarling, Nicholas
Rolin-Jaequemyns (Chao Phya Aphay Raja) and the Belgian Legal Advisors in Siam at the Turn of the Centuryde Saint-Hubert, Christian
A Stone Casket from Satinpra: some Further ObservationsLamb, Alastair

Vol. 54.1 1966

A Preliminary Report on Non-Metrical Characteristics of Neolithic Skeletons Found at Ban Kao, KanchanaburiSood Sangvichien
Malaya: What's in the Name?Minattur, Joseph
Prince Mongkut and Jesse CaswellBradley, William L.
An Ekamukhalinga from Peninsular SiamO'Connor, Stanley J.
Bangkok at the Turn of the Century; Mongkut and Chulalongkorn Entertain the WestSternstein, Larry

Vol. 54.2 1966

Archaeological Salvage Program; Northeastern Thailand-First SeasonSolheim, Wilhelm G., and Gorman, Chester F.
Notes on Krung KaoSternstein, Larry
A Note on Tamil Relations with South Thailand and the Identification of Ptolemy's TacolaBoeles, J.J.
L.A.C. Chorin (Obituary)Dhani Nivat, H.H. Prince

Vol. 55.1 1967

Notes on the Siamese TheatreMaha Vajiravudh
The Date of the Grahi Buddhade Casparis, J.G.
The Role of Prince Chuthamani in the Modernizing of SiamCowan, William L.
Observations on the Movement of Khmu into North ThailandLeBar, Frank M.
Notes on Pottery Manufacture near Luang Prabang, Laos (Notes)Solheim II, Wilhelm G.
Molds for Bronze Casting found in Northeastern Thailand (Notes)Solheim II, Wilhelm G.
A Note on Shifting Cultivation and Settlement (Notes)Miles, Douglas
Sociology and Religion in Thailand: A Critique (Notes)Mulder, J.A.N.
A Note on the Ancient City Called Lavapura (Notes)Boeles, J.J.

Vol. 55.2 1967

Notes on the Thread-Square in ThailandAnuman Rajadhon, Phya
The Lawa Guardian Spirits of ChiengmaiKraisri Nimmanhaeminda
Negotiations Regarding the Cession of Siamese Malay StatesThamsook Numnonda
The Thai British Archaeological Expedition: A Preliminary Report on the Work of the First Season 1965-1966Watson, William, and Loofs, Helmut H.E.
On the Structural Analysis of Thai Peasant Villages (Notes)Mulder, J.A.N.
The Thai 'Kata Mandiarapala' and Malacca (Notes)Wyatt, David K.
Zur Siam-Episode in Der Hikajat Atjeh (Notes)Penth, Hans Georg
A Note on the Toponymy of the Ancient Kantoli in Peninsular Thailand (Notes)Boeles, J.J.

Vol. 56.1 1968

Si Chon: An Early Settlement in Peninsular ThailandO'Connor, Stanley J.
The Language of Courtship in ChiengmaiWijeyewardene, Gehan
Notes on the Saga of Rama in ThailandVelder, Christian
A Catalogue of Maps of Thailand in the Museum of the Royal Thai Survey Department, BangkokSternstein, Larry
Note on an Eye-Witness Account in Dutch of the Destruction of Ayudhya in 1767 (Notes)Boeles, J.J.

Vol. 56.2 1968

A Comparative Study of the Sanskrit, Tamil, Thai and Malay Versions of the Story of Rama with Special Reerence to the Process of Acculturation in the Southeast Asian VersionsSingaravelu, S.
The Buddhist Tutelary Couple Hariti and Pancika, Protectors of Children, from a Relief at the Khmer Sanctuary in PimaiBoeles, J.J.
A Declaration of Independence and its Consequences; Epigraphic and Historical Studies, No. 1Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na Nagara
Steinwerkzeuge aus Phrao (Notes)Penth, Hans Georg
A Note on Internal Rhyme in Thai Poetry (Notes)Udom Warotamasikkhadit
The Analysis of Thai Tones: An Argument (Notes)Bee, Peter

Vol. 57.1 1969

A Note on the Possible Relationship of King Rama Khamhaeng's Sukhodaya Script of Thailand to the Grantha Script of South IndiaSingaravelu, S
The Asokarama Inscription of 1399 A.D. Epigraphic and Historical Studies, No.2Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na Nagara
The Pact Between Sukhodaya and Nan Epigraphic and Historical Studies, No.3Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na Nagara
A Law Promulgated by the King of Ayudhya in 1397 A.D. Epigraphic and Historical Studies, No. 4Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na Nagara
The Accession of King Mongkut (Notes)Bradley, William L.
A Ramayana Relief from the Khmer Sanctuary at Pimai in North-East Thailand (Notes)Boeles, J.J.

Vol. 57.2 1969

Sukhothai-Mongkol Relations: a note on relevant Chinese and Thai sources (with translations)Flood, E. Thadeus
Some newly discovered prehistoric sites in Northern ThailandKoch, K.E., and Siebenhuner, M.
A note on the literature on Lahu Shehleh and Lahu Na of Northern Thailand (Notes)Spielmann, Hans J.
A note on the Celadon ware of Sukhothai (Notes)Sman Vardhanabhuti
Suan Sema: an illustration of changes and trends in Thai vegetable production (Notes)Smith, Helen L.
Zum Verhaltnis Sayam-Atjeh im 17. Jahrhundert (Notes)Penth, Hans

Vol. 58.1 1970

The La Hu Nyl (Red La Hu) New Year celebrationWalker, Antony R.
The health needs of rural Thailand: a challenge to traditional university structure and functionBryant, John
The Saek language of Nakhon Phanom provinceGedney, William J.
A pact between uncle and nephew: Epigraphic and Historical Studies, No. 5Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na Nagara
Paired adjectives in CambodianNoss, Richard B.
Thai music at the court of Cambodia - a personal souvenir of Luang Pradit Phairoh's visit in 1930Silapabanleng, Prasidh
Thai Traditional Music: Hot-House Plant or Sturdy StockMorton, David
Invocations to Nagaraja in the Southeast Asian shadow-plays with special reference to the Kelantan shadow-playSingaravelu, S.
Recentes Recherches ? Nakhon PathomBoisselier, Jean
The Thai-British Archaeological Expedition: A Preliminary Report on the Work of the Second Season 1967Loofs, H.E.E., and Watson, William
A Comparative Note on the Thai and the Javanese Worldview as Expressed by Religious Practice and BeliefMulder, J.A. Niels
The Khalo or Mae Rim Lawa, a Remnant of the Lawa Population of Northern ThailandFlatz, Gebhard
The Anglo-French Declaration of January 1896 and the Independence of SiamJeshurun, Chandran
Thailand's Economic ProspectsPuey Ungphakorn

Vol. 59.1 1971

Loose Structure: Fact or Fancy? Thai Society Re- examinedBunnag, Jane
Social Criticism in Modern Thai Narrative FictionSodemann, Ute
Likay: A Note on the Origin, Form and Future of Siamese Folk OperaSmithies, Michael
Kinship Terms of the Black Tai PeopleFippinger, Dorothy Crawford
A Fleeting Encounter with the Moken (the Sea Gypsies) in Southern Thailand: Some Linguistic and General NotesCourt, Christopher
Kedah-Siam Relations, 1821-1905Ahmat, Sharom
The Akha Swinging CeremonyChob Kacha-ananda
Stone Memorials of the Lawa (Northwest Thailand)Kauffmann, Hans E.
An Inscription in Old Mon from Wieng Mano in Chieng Mai Province: Epigraphic and Historical Studies, No.6Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na Nagara
The Inscription of Vat Traban Jan Phoak (Face I, 1380 A.B.; Face II, 14th century, date uncertain): Epigraphic and Historical Studies No.7Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na Nagara
The Inscription of Vat Jan Lom (1384 AD): Epigraphic and Historical Studies No.8Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na Nagara
A Note on PünPenth, Hans
Supernatural Beliefs and Practices in ChiengmaiSanguan Chotisukharat (translated & introduced by Gehan Wijeyewardene)

Vol. 59.2 1971

DedicationUnger, Leonard
Rubber and the economy of Southern SiamStifel, Laurence D.
A transition in historical writing: the works of Prince Damrong RachanuphapBreazeale, Kennon
"A very small part of world affairs": Siam's policy on treaty revision and the Paris Peace Conference of 1919Oblas, Peter B
The Rice Industry of Mainland South East Asia 1850-1914Owen, Norman G.
The 1820 Land Concession to the Portuguesede Mendonça e Cunha, Helder
An Eighteenth Century inscription from Angkor WatChandler, David P.
Seventeenth Century Japanese Documents about SiamIshii, Yoneo
A stone inscription from Wat Dong Bunnak (Phan)Penth, Hans
Epigraphic and Historical Studies No.9 : The Inscription of Ramkamhaeng of Sukhothai (1292 A.D.)Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na Nagara
Patrons and pau liangWijeyewardene, Gehan

Vol. 60.1 1972

The "New Look" of Southeast Asian PrehistorySolheim II, Wilhelm G.
Epigraphic and Historical Studies, No.10: King Lodaiya of Sukhodaya and his contemporariesGriswold, A.B., and Prasert na Nagara
Cambodia's Relations with Siam in the Early Bangkok Period: the politics of a Tributary StateChandler, David P.
Treaty Revision and the Role of the American Foreign Affairs Adviser 1909-1925Oblas, Peter
Le systeme de la Famille YaoChob Kacha-ananda
Lisu Settlement PatternsDessaint, Alain Y.
Men of the Sea: coastal tribes of South Thailand's west coastHogan, David W.
Some Social and Religious Institutions of the Lawa (N.W.Thailand) Part IKauffmann, Hans E.
Village Mons of BangkokSmithies, Michael
The Five Precepts and Ritual in Rural ThailandTerwiel, B.J.
Blessing Feasts and Ancestor Propitiation among the Lahu Nyi (Red Lahu)Walker, Anthony R.
Old Phrao (Notes)Penth, Hans
Nang Talung: The Shadow Theatre of Southern Thailand (Notes)Smithies, Michael, and Euayporn Kerdchouay

Vol. 60.2 1972

Thailand and Viet-Nam: Some Thoughts towards a comparative historical analysisSmith, R.B.
Paper Currency: The Government Note Issues in the Reign of King ChulalongkornBrown, Ian G.
Land Tenure Patterns and Agricultural Development in N.E.Thailand : A Case Study of the Lam Pao irrigation area in Changwat KarasinDemaine, H., and Dixon, G.J.
Some manuscripts in Grantha script in Bangkok – IIMarr, J.R.
kan in Modern Standard ThaiBee, Peter
The Emergence and Development of the Nirat Genre in Thai poetryManas Chitakasem
The Manora Dance-Drama: An IntroductionGinsberg, Henry D.
Religious Institutional Diversity-Social Structural and Conceptual Unity: Islam and Buddhism in a southern Thai coastal fishing villageBurr, Angela
Matrilineal Descent Groups and Spirit Cults of the Thai-Yuan in northern ThailandTurton, Andrew

Vol. 61.1 1973

Historical Development of the Greater Chao Phya Water Control Project: An Economic PerspectiveSmall, Leslie E.
The Abridged Royal Chronicle of Ayudhya of Prince ParamanuchitchinorotWyatt, David K. (translator and editor)
The Khmer inscriptions of Tenasserim: a Reinterpreta tionVickery, Michael
Epigraphic and Historical Studies No 11, Part I: The Epigraphy of Mahadharmaraja I of SukhodayaGriswold, A.B., and Prasert na Nagara
A Note on Old TakPenth, Hans
The Buddha's RadianceWoodward, Hiram W. Jr.
Two Dvaravati FigurinesLyons, Elizabeth
Ethnic Identity of the Mons in ThailandFoster, Brian L.
Special Publications for Free DistributionChun Prabhavi-vadhana

Vol. 61.2 1973

Lao Popular Buddhism and Community DevelopmentVongsavanh Boutsavath and Chapel1ier, Georges
Dek Wat and Thai Education: The Case of Tambon Ban KhemAyabe Tsuneo (Translated by E. Tiffany & Toshikazu Arai)
Muang MatrifocalityDavis, Richard
The Case of K.S.R.Kulap: A Challenge to Royal Historical Writing in Late Nineteenth Century ThailandReynolds, Craig J.
The Epigraphy of Mahadharmaraja I of Sukhodaya. Epigraphic and Historical Studies, No.11, Part IIGriswold, A.B., and Prasert na Nagara
Man and Environment in Rural ThailandHafner, James A.
Une tentative d'interpretation du mat "pangat" en vieux-khmer (Notes)Uraisi Varasarin
In-law Tales: A Note on Northeastern Thai Ethnography (Notes)Klausner, William J.
Notes and Comments (Notes)Griswold, A.B.
Review ArticleReviews

Vol. 62.1 1974

Lahu Nyi (Red Lahu) New Year Texts-IWalker, Anthonv R.
The Dress of the Pwo Karen of North ThailandHinton, E.M.
The Alliance of Anthropological and Sociological Concepts and Methodologies in Field Research in ThailandJacobs, Milton
The 1901-1902 "Holy Man's" RebellionMurdoch, John B.
Myth, Legend and History in the Northern Thai ChroniclesSwearer, Donald K.
Epigraphic and Historical Studies, No. 12, Inscription 9Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na Nagara
Epigraphic and Historical Studies, No.13, The Inscription of Wat Pra YünGriswold, A.B., and Prasert na Nagara
The wai kru ceremony of the nang yai (Notes)Smithies, Michael, and Euayporn Kerdchouay
A Note on Ap Nam Ap Tha (Notes)Penth, Hans

Vol. 62.2 1974

The Society of SiamPuey Ungphakrn
Riverine Commerce in Thailand: Tradition in DeclineHafner, James A.
The First Phibun Government and Its Involvement in World War IICharnvit Kasetsiri
The Fall of the Phibun Government, 1944Batson, Benjamin A
The First American Advisers in Thai HistoryThamsook Nurnnonda
Inventaire des documents sur le Siam conserves aux archives de ParisBreazeale, Kennon
Royally Sponsored Human Sacrifices in Nineteenth Century Cambodia: the cult of nak ta Me Sa (Mahisasuramardini) at Ba PhnomChandler, David P.
Epigraphic and Historical Studies No.14, Inscription of the Siva of Kamben BejraGriswold, A.B., and Prasert na Nagara
A Khmer Kiln Site-Surin ProvinceBrown, Roxanna; Childress, Vance; and Gluckman, Michael
The Divisions of the Lahu PeopleWalker, Anthony R.
A Note on the History of Wat Umong Thera Jan (Chiang Mai) (Notes)Penth, Hans
A Note on the Date of the Traibhumikatha (Notes)Vickery, Michael
The Hsin T'ang Shu passage about P'an-p'an (Note)Bee, P.J.

Vol. 63.1 1975

Dhamma Desana BahusaccadikathaNanasamvara, (Suvadhano), Somdej Phra
Education during the time when His Highness Prince Dhaninivat was Minister of Public InstructionPin Malakul, M.L.
Buddhism as Universal Religion and as Civic Religion: Some Observations on a Tour of Buddhist Centers in Central ThailandReynolds, Frank E.
Tug-of-War for Merit: Cremation of a Senior MonkKeyes, Charles F.
The Lisu Concept of the SoulDurrenberger, E. Paul
Reflections on Ban Akha Mae SalongHanks, Lucien M., and Hanks, Jane
Mrs. Hamilton King's Bangkok Diary, 1911Strobridge, William F.
The Bowring Mission: The Mellersh NarrativeTarling, Nicholas
The Inscription of Vat Khema Epigraphic and Historical Studies No.15Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na Nagara
The Inscription of Vat Brah Stec, near Sukhodaya, Epigraphic and Historical Studies No.16Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na Nagara
Tambralinga and the Khmer EmpireO'Connor, Stanley J.
A Brick from Old Wat Pa Dang (Chiang Mai) (Notes)Penth, Hans

Vol. 63.2 1975

Why and How the "Small Languages" should be studiedHaudricourt, A.G.
The Problems of Group Versus National Identity in the Development of National Languages in Southeast AsiaLlarnzon, Teodoro A
Language in Minority /Majority Group Relations: The Case of the Diversity of the Malay DialectsAsmar Haji Omar
The Standardization and Promotion of Bahasa MalaysiaHassan Abdullah
Bahasa Indonesia in Relation to the VernacularsHalim Amran
The Case of Diversity in Cambodian DialectsKhuon Sokhamphu
Les dialectes pears dans leurs rapports avec les langues nationalesMartin, Marie Alexandrine
Influence of Burmese Language on some other languages of BurmaBernot, Denise
Linguistic Problems in Minority /Majority Group Relations in Southeast Asian Countries: An Annotated Bibliography-MalaysiaBuang Zahrah
Annotated Bibliography of Researches and Studies on the Minority /Maiority Languages in LaosBounlieng Phommasouvanh
Linguistic Problems in Minority /Majority Group Relations in Southeast Asian Countries: Selected Works (Philippines)Hidalgo, Cesar A.
The Case of Diversity in Cambodian Dialects: BibliographyThong Thel
Lahu Nyi (Red Lahu) New Year Texts-IIWalker, Anthony R.
Lahu Trade and CommerceSanit Wongprasert
Popular Literature in ThailandDe Fels, Jacqueline
Contemporary Lao LiteratureSaveng Phinith
Contemporary Cambodian LiteraturePiat, Martine
The Thai Tales of Nang Tantrai and the Pisaca TalesGinsburg, Henry D.
Slavery in Nineteenth Century SiamCruikshank, R.B.
Sources in Thai History: The Papers of Prince Damrong (Notes)Batson, Benjarnin A.
The Duties of the Corps of Royal Scribes: An Undated Khmer manuscript from the colonial era (Notes)Chandler, David P.
Again: The Fortifications of Chiang San (Notes)Penth, Hans
An Inscribed Buddha Image at Wat Suwanna Wihan (A.D.1501) (Notes)Penth, Hans
Wolf Ladejinsky (1899-1975) (Obituary)Spinks, Charles Nelson
"The Lisu Concept of the Soul" JSS (Jan. 75 Vol. 63 part 1)Durrenberger E. Paul

Vol. 64.1 1976

Lahu Nyi (Red Lahu) New Year Texts-IIIWalker, Anthony R.
A Reassessment of the Annamese WaresSpinks, C. Nelson
The Problem of Ceylonese-Burmese Relations in the 12th Century and the Question of an Interregnum in Pagan: 1165-1174 A.D.Aung Thwin, M.
The American Foreign Affairs Advisers in Thailand, 1917-1940Thamsook Numnonda
A Glance at Shamanism in Southern ThailandGandour, Mary Jane, and Gandour, Jackson T .
Monks and Hierarchy in Northern ThailandFerguson, John P., and Ramitanondh Shalardchai
The Role of the Layman Extraordinaire in Northern Thai BuddhismSwearer, Donald K.
Merit-Seeking in Public: Buddhist Pilgrimage in Northeastern ThailandPruess, James B.
Social Processes and Social Structure in Chonburi, ThailandAmara Pongsapich
Patterns of Land Ownership in Central Thailand During the Twentith CenturyStifel, Laurence D.
King Mangrai and Chiang Rung (Notes)Wyatt, David K., and Murray, Dian
Mom Chao Ajavadis Diskul (Obituary)Zuehlsdorff, Volkmar
Again: The Fortifications of Chiang SanPenth, Hans

Vol. 64.2 1976

King Prajadhipok and the Apple Cart: British Attitudes towards the 1932 RevolutionTarling, Nicholas
American Diplomats in Southeast Asia in the Nineteenth Century: The Case of SiamBatson, Benjamin A.
Les Droits des Minorities Nationales dans la Constitution Birmane de 1947Dasse, Martial
A Lahu Nyi (Red Lahu) Prayer at Childbirth: Lahu text and brief ethnographic noteWalker, Anthony R.
A Lisu Shamanistic SeanceDurrenberger, E.P.
A Note on Relationships between Buddhist Temples in ThailandBilmes, Jack
Maps for the Ancestors: Sacralized Topography and Echoes of Angkor in two Cambodian TextsChandler, David P.
The Ayuddhaya Period Earthenwares, Some Contemporary Thai Kilns, Their Wares and Potting MethodsSpinks, C. Nelson
A Response to Dr. Jeremy Kemp's Review on Political Attitudes of the Bureaucratic Elite and Modernization in Thailand, Appearing in JSS January 1976Dhiravegin Likhit
ReplyKemp, Jeremy H.
Professor Sukich Nimmanhaeminda (1906-1976) (Obituary)Pin Malakul, M.L.

Vol. 65.1 1977

A lost chronicle of Ayutthaya: The 2/k 125 FragmentVickery, Michael
Law in traditional Siam and China: A comparative studySarasin Viraphol
Epigraphic and Historical Studies No. 17: The 'Judgments of King Man Ray'Griswold, A.B., and na Nagara Prasert
Socio-economic variation, expenditure patterns, and economic strategies in a northern Thai villageCalavan, Michael M.
Some social and religious institutions of the Lawa (northwestern Thailand): Part IIKauffmann, Hans E.
"A-la' mi' shi-jaw ne' cai' ve:" A Lahu Nyi ('Red Lahu') rite to propitiate the Rainbow SpiritWalker, Anthony R.
A novel pottery manufacturing technique in western Loei Province, ThailandBayard, Donn
Some unusual Thai and Chinese uses of ceramicsSpinks, C. Nelson
Reflections on the Saddhamma-SangahaPenth, Hans
Remarks on "The Lion Prince" (Notes)Chand Chirayu Rajani, M.C.
Sawankhalok globular jars: The first Siamese celadon ware to reach England, and other notable pieces (Notes)Spinks, C. Nelson
Obituary: A tribute to Chao Phraya Sri DharmadhibesSanya Dharmasakti

Vol. 65.2 1977

H.R.H. Prince Wan Waithayakorn, Kromamuen Naradhip BongsprabandhPrem Purachatra, H.H. Prince
Two ancient shipwrecks in the Gulf of Thailand: A report on archeological investigationsHowitz, Fensak C.
Historical geography of the canal system in the Chao Phraya river deltaTanabe Shigeharu
Mulasasana Wat Pa Daeng: The chronicle of the founding of Buddhism of the Wat Pa Daeng traditionSwearer, Donald K., and Sommai Premchit
Epigraphic and Historical Studies No. 18: The inscription of Vat Jyan Hman (Wat Chieng Man)Griswold A.B., and Prasert na Nagara
Medical arts at Wat Phra Chetuphon: Various rishi status,Matics, K.I.
The individual and his environment: A central Thai outlookBilmes, Jack
Ceramics from Muang Phan, Chiang Rai ProvinceMiksic, John N.
Thai phallic amulets (Note)Friedman, Bruno
Historical notes on the region west of Chiang MaiPenth, Hans
Notes on Phuket ThaiGandour, Jackson T.

Vol. 66.1 1978

The dating of Sukhothai and Sawankhalok ceramics: Some considerationsWoodward, Hiram W. Jr.
The ancient coinage of southeast AsiaGutman, Pamela
Atonement before absolution: British policy towards Thailand during World War IITarling, Nicholas
Epigraphic and Historical Studies NO.19: An inscription from Keng Tung (1451 A.D.)Griswold A.B., and Prasert na Nagara
Thai involvement in PasaiThomas, Phillip L.
Merit-making and ritual reciprocity: Tambiah's theory examinedBurr, Angela
Notes on recent excavations at Prasat Muang SinghSubhadradis Diskul, M.C.
From an unfinished notebook: Preliminary research on Yao in Chiang Rai (Notes)Halliday, Simon
Homage to the Abbot Prince Paramanuchit Chinorot (Notes)Matics, K.I.
A visual aid for remembering Thai tone rules (Notes)Baldwin, George B.
On "Law in traditional Siam and China"Nandana Chutiwongs

Vol. 66.2 1978

Kingship in AngkorMabbett, I.W.
Rice and reconciliation: The Anglo- Thai peace negotiations of 1945Tarling, Nicholas
Epigraphic & Historical Studies No. 20: The Buddhapada of Vat Pavaranivesa and its inscriptionGriswold, A.B., and Prasert na Nagara
Sharing the risk of being poor: Communal savings games in a Bangkok slumAngel, Shlomo; and de Goede, J.H.; and Sevilla, Ramon C.
The Bangkok art scene in the early 1960s: A personal souvenirSmithies, Michael
The origin and meaning of the Thai 'City Pillar'Terwiel, B.J.
Five nineteenth-century Burmese bronzes (Notes)Dowling, Nancy H.
A note regarding two European statues in the Bangkok Museum (Notes)Griswold, A.B.

Vol. 67.1 1979

The musical traditions of northeast ThailandMiller, Terry E., and Jarernchai Chonpairot
Towards a history of Siamese gilt-lacquer paintingWright, Michael
Thai interpolations in the story of AniruddhaManeepin Phromsuthirak
Folk memories of the decline of Angkor in nineteenth-century Cambodia: The legend of the Leper KingChandler, David P.
Epigraphic & Historical Studies No. 21: The second oldest known writing in SiameseGriswold, A.B., and Prasert na Nagara
Epigraphic & Historical Studies No. 22: An inscription from Vat Hin Tan, SukhodayaGriswold, A.B., and Prasert na Nagara
The So people of Kusuman, northeastern ThailandKania, Raymond S., and Kania, Siriphan Hatuwong
Concepts of power and moral goodness in the contemporary Thai worldviewMulder, Niels
Thai poetry translation: A review and some new examples (Notes)Chand Chirayu Rajani, M.C.
Urak Lawoi funeral in Phuket (Notes)Hogan, David W.
On the Manuscript Division, Payap CollegeSwanson, Herbert R.

Vol. 67.2 1979

Krung Thep at one hundred: Scape and gridSternstein, Larry
Conservation of mural painting in Thailand: An outline of a comprehensive approach to the problemdu Guerny, Micaela
Hell scenes in Thai muralsMatics, K.I.
Degagement du Phra Chedi de Wat Keo, ChaiyaBoisselier, Jean
Epigraphic and Historical Studies No.23: An inscription of 1528 A.D. from SukhodayaGriswold, A.B., and Prasert na Nagara
Epigraphic and Historical Studies No. 24: An inscription of 1563 A.D. recording a treaty between Laos and Ayudhya in 1560Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na Nagara
The Hmong, opium and the Haw: Speculations on the origin of their associationGrandstaff, Terry B.
Thai traditional medicine: Ancient thought and practice in a Thai contextMulholland, Jean
Menace and reassurance in Malay circumcision: A note on some attitudes of Kelantan Thais (Notes)Kershaw, Roger
Further aids in learning Thai tone classes and alphabetic sequenceBucknell, Roderick

Vol. 68.1 1980

Funerary rites and the Buddhist meaning of death: an interpretative text from northern ThailandAnusaranasasanakiarti, Phra Khru, and Keyes, Charles F.
The religion and beliefs of the Black Tai, and a note on the study of cultural originsSumitr Pitiphat
An early Khmer sculpture from southern LaosPiriya Krairiksh
Recent DvaravatI discoveries, and some Khmer comparisonsQuaritch Wales, H.G.
Islam in Thailand before the Bangkok periodScupin, Raymond
A model for the alignment of dialects in Southwestern TaiHartmann, John F.
Some social and religious institutions of the Lawa (northwestern Thailand): Part IIKauffmann, Hans E.
King Mangrai and the Le-shih (Notes)Vickery, Michael
The orthography of the toponym "Lan Na" (Notes)Penth, Hans
Thai words in the Burmese language (Notes)Tin, H.

Vol. 68.2 1980

Islamic reformism in ThailandScupin, Raymond
Determination of the original firing temperature of ceramics from Non Nok Tha and Phimai, ThailandMeacham, William, and Solheim, Wilhelm G. II
The prosodic structure of Rama II's kloon #Kuo, William
Government initiative and peasant response in the Siamese silk industry, 1901-1913Brown, Ian
Annual non-Buddhist religious observances of Mae Hong Son ShanDurrenberger, Paul E.
Psychiatry in Thailand: a sociologist's viewBrummelhuis, Han Ten
The Phaungtaw-u FestivalSao Saimong
Two observations concerning the stone inscription of Wat Phra Yun, Lamphun (CS 732)Penth, Hans
A brief description of holdings of the Manuscript Division, Payap CollageSwanson, Herbert R.
Of teak and elephants: a teak-wallah reminiscesWood, R.W.
A tribute to Reginald le MayHudson, Ray

Vol. 69.0 1981

Homage to Prince DamrongNielsen, Jan
Cula Sakaraja and the Sixty Cyclical Year NamesSao Saimong
Once More, Inscription II-an Art Historian's ViewGosling, Betty
Hindu Brahma in Thai LiteratureManeepin Phromsuthirak
Kulab Saipradit: The War of LifeBatson, Benjamin A.
Towards a Theory of Peranakan Chinese Identity in an Outpost of Thai BuddhismKershaw, Roger
The Tin (Mal) Dry Rice Cultivators of Northern Thailand and Northern LaosDessaint, William Y.
Sgaw Karen Color CategoriesSuriya Ratanakul
The Ranat and Bong-Lang : The Question of Origin of the Thai XylophonesMiller, Terry E., and Jarernchai Chonpairot
Further Notes on Prasat Muang Singh, Kanchanaburi Province (Notes)Subhadradis Diskul, M.C.
The "Siamese Brass Cannon" in the Figure Court of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, London (Notes)Scrivener, R.S.
Reviews: Dr. Reginald Le MayDavis, Mrs James E.
Miss LB. Horner (Obituaries)Sulak Sivaraksa
X.H.Vaj Kuam (1953-1980) (Obituaries)Strecker, David

Vol. 70.0 1982

Prehistoric Human Finger-impressions on a piece of Rock from Songkla ProvinceKasem Gaew-Im and Mondana Gaew-Im
The date of the early Funanese, Mon, Pyu and Arakanese Coinages ('Symbolic coins') Mitchiner, MichaelMitchiner, Michael
Marco Polo Documents Incorporated in the Felicitation Volumes of Southeast Asian StudiesBlack, John
The Assassination of Resident Bardez (1925): A premonition of Revolt in Colonial CambodiaChandler, David P.
The Rama Story in the Thai Cultural TraditionSingaravelu, S.
The Tittira-Jataka and the Extended MahavamsaVon Hiniiber, Oskar
Visual Expressions of Tantric BuddhismNandana Chutiwongs
Burmese Lokapalas: A Problem of IdentificationDowling, Nancy H.
Kinship and Locality in Hua KokKemp, Jeremy H.
The Relevance of Telephone Directories to a Lineage-Based Society: A Consideration of some Messianic Myths among the Hmong from the Ethnographic LiteratureTapp, Nicholas
Notes on a Letter from Prince Mongkut to Dr.S.R.House (Notes)Renard, Ronald D., and Swanson, Herbert R.
A Note on the Military Participation of Siam in the First World War (Notes)Hart, Keith
Peter James Bee 1927-1982 (Obituaries)Phillips, Herbert P.
Richard Davis 1943-1981 (Obituaries)Wijeyewardene, Gehan

Vol. 71.0 1983

Nirat KashmirBunjue Ongkhapradit
Some Early Siva Lingas in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Penninsular ThailandO'Connor, Stanley J.
Southern Thai khlok: an Etymological SpeculationPitsamai Intarachat
The "Energy Transition" in a Market Township and its Environs on an Island in Southern ThailandCohen, Erik
Thai Conjugal Family Relationships and the Hsu HypothesisMuecke, Marjorie A.
Ahom and the Study of Early Thai SocietyTerwiel, Barend Jan
The Shan Rocket Festival: Buddhist and Non- Buddhist Aspects of Shan ReligionDurrenberger, E. Paul
Pali Manuscripts of Canonical Texts from North Thailand – A Preliminary ReportVon Hinuber, Oskar
Redefining the Sangha's Role in Northern Thailand: An Investigation of Monastic Careers at Five Chiang Mai WatsGosling, David L.
"The Spirits Aren't So Powerful Any More" Spirit Belief and Irrigation Organization in North ThailandLando, Richard P.
Lahu Nyi (Red Lahu) Rites for Establishing a New Village,Walker, Anthony R.
Notes on Angkor Wat (Notes)Sulak Sivaraksa
Hommage a l'inspirateur de la Thallande moderne, Pridi Banomyong (Obituary)Baron-Renault, Bruno

Vol. 72.0 1984

A Prolegomena on Traditional Wisdom in Karen FolkloreSuriya Ratanakul
Why Were the Jatakas "Hidden Away" at Wat Si ChumGosling, Betty
Les Ambassadeurs Siamois a Versailles le ler septembre 1686 dans un bas relief en bronze d'A.CoysevoxJacq-Hergoualc'h, Michel
Prolegomena to Methods for Using the Ayutthayan Laws as Historical Source MaterialVickery, Michael
The Interrogation of Zeya Suriya Kyaw a Burmese account of the Junk Ceylon Campaigns of 1809-1810Skinner, Cyril
The 1902 Siamese-Kelantan Treaty: an End to the Traditional RelationsKobkua Suwannathat-Pian
Some Aspects of the Political and Economic Systems of the Nineteenth Century Northern Malay States: Kedah, Kelantan and TrengganuPhan-Ngam Gothamasan
The Sangha Organization in Nineteenth Century Burma and ThailandAye Kyaw
The Sovereignty of Dhamma and Economic Development: Buddhist Social Ethics in Rural ThailandCohen, Paul T.
Values of Thai Buddhists and Thai ChristiansHughes, Philip
A Note on Mr.Michael Wright's lecture on the historical Lankan Buddhist connection in Siam and Cambujia (Notes)Suriyakumaran, C.
In Memoriam Mom Luang Boonlua Debyasuvarn (Obituary)Chetana Nagavajara

Vol. 73.0 1985

A Soi in Bangkok-the Dynamics of Lateral Urban ExpansionCohen, Erik
Christianity and Buddhism in ThailandHughes, Philip
A Scandal in Colonial Laos: The Death of Bac My and the Wounding of Kommadan RevisitedGunn, Geoffrey C.
Literary Historiography and Socio-Cultural Transformation: The Case of ThailandChetana Nagavajara
A Study of Samkok : The First Thai Translation of a Chinese NovelMalinee Dilokwanich
Sino- Thai CeramicsRobinson, Natalie V.
"Low" Maps of SiamSternstein, Larry
"Reading the Landscape": Reflections on a Sacred Site in South ThailandGesick, Lorraine
The Missing "Long Things" in the Thai Noun Classifier SystemPlaczek, Jim
Mai Han AkatPenth, Hans
The Lawa ..... PoetrySuriya Ratanakul
Notes on the History of Iron in ThailandBronson, Bennet
Note on Betty Gosling's Article: Why Were the Jatakas "Hidden Away" at Wat Si Chum? (JSS Vol. 72). (Notes)Wright, Michael
Burmese Sources for Lan Na Thai History (Notes)Aye Kyaw
Jao Mae KamthiengUn Chutima
The William-Hunt Collection of aerial photographs of the Archaeological Research Trust for ThailandMoore, Elizabeth
M.C. Sipban Sonakul (1894-1985)-an Appreciation (Obituary)Sulak Sivaraksa

Vol. 74.0 1986

Song Roi Pi Si SunthonAngkarn Kalyanaphong
200 pi duaiChanchai Bunpan
Sunthon PhuSujit Wongthet
Les Moken: Literature Orale et Signes de Reconnaissance CulturelleIvanoff, Jacques
The Episode of Maiyarab in the Thai Ramakien and Its Possible Relationship to Tamil FolkloreSingaravelu, S.
Meta-Rhymes in Classical Thai PoetryHudak, Thomas John
Merit and the Market: Thai Symbolizations of Self-interestO'Connor, Richard A.
Thailand's Bare-headed Doctors: Thai Monks in Rural Health CareGosling, David L.
Shammansand Rebels: The Batchai (MEO) Rebellion of Northern Laos and North-west Vietnam (1918-21)Gunn, Geoffrey C.
Remnant of A Lost Nation & Their Cognate Words to Old Mon EpigraphNai Pan Hla
The Last of the Princes: A Centennial Reflection on the Life and Work of Prince Dhani-nivat Kromamun BidyalabhSulak Sivaraksa
Some Remarks About The Life And Works Of Sunthon PhuWenk, Klaus
"Why Were the Jatakas 'Hidden Away' at Wat Si Chum?" (Notes)Gosling, Betty

Vol. 75.0 1987

MaharajajayasiddhigathaNanasamvara, Somdej Phra
Verses of Victorious Blessings to His Majesty King BhumibolSuchao Ploychum
The Pali Manuscripts kept at The Siam Society, Bangkok, a short catalogueVon Hinuber, Oskar
Thai SpiritualitySulak Sivaraksa
The Cosmology of Power in LannaRhum, Michael R.
Calling the Spirits: an observation of its practice among the Kui in Thailandvan der Haak, Feikje
New Ethnic Names For the Tin of Nan ProvinceFilbeck, David
An Attempt to Fly in The Face of the Ordinary Laws of Supply and Demand: The British and Siamese rice 1945-7Tarling, Nicholas
The United States and the Coming of the Coup of 1947 in SiamThanet Aphornsuvan
Wat Fa DaedAnan Wiriyaphinit
Potters marks and other writing on Northern Thai or Lan Na CeramicsShaw, J.C., and Penth, Hans
Comments on CriticismPenth, Hans
Rev. E. Denis S.J. (Obituaries)Garaizabal, Miguel
F.K. Brohm (Obituaries)Sharp, Lauriston
John Blofeld (Obituaries)Damnern Garden

Vol. 76.0 1988

A Possible Early Thai Route to the SeaGedney, William J.
An Aesthetics of RiceOlson, Grant A.
Some Observations on the map of the Ethnic Groups Speaking Thai LanguagesLevy-Ward, Annick et. a1.
Consonant Mergers and Inscription OneDiller, Anthony V.N.
From Wandering to Monastic DomesticationTaylor, J.L
The Noen Sa Bua Inscription of Dong Si Maha Bo, PrachinburiRohanadeera, Mendis
Black Tai and Lao Song DamSams, Bert F.
World Super Power and Regional ConflictsMayoury Ngaosyathn and Pheuiphanh Ngaosyathn
Red, Black, Yellow and Striped BannersForbes, Andrew D.W.
Political Participation Among the Hmong of ThailandTapp, Nicholas
Household and Marriage in a Thai Highland SocietyLee, Gary Y.
Ayurveda, Congenital Disease and Birthdays in Thai Traditional MedicineMulholland, Jean
Acceptance and Rejection: The First Inoculation and Vaccination Campaigns in ThailandTerwiel, B.J.
The Gabled Roofs of Thai TemplesHanks, Jane R., and Hanks, Lucien M.
Crimes Against Religion in the Penal Codes of Burma, Thailand and the PhilippinesAye Kyaw
The Ancient Culture of the Tai PeopleYanchong, Cheah
"Where have all the People Gone?' Urbanization and Counter-Urbanization in ThailandAngel, Shlomo
Ramkhamhaeng or Ramkamhaeng (Notes)Sommai Premchit
Where is Ram Khamhaeng's Stupa ? A consideration of past and present topographical identifications (Notes)Gosling, Betty
Notes on two Types of moated settlement in Northeast Thailand (Notes)Moore, E.
Sao Saimong (Obituary)Kaset Pitakpaivan
Klaus Rosenberg (Obituary)Wenk, Klaus
Phya Anuman Rajadhon (ObituarySomchai Anuman Rajadhon

Vol. 77.1 1989

On the History of Chiang RaiPenth, Hans
Did Kublai Khan's Conquest of the Dali Kingdom Give Rise to the Mass Migration of the Thai People to the South?DuYuting & Chen Lufan
A Preliminary i\nalysis of Important Cultural Relics of the Nanzhao-Dali KingdomChen Lufan
Two Dharani Inscriptions from Tombs at Dali (Yunnan)Von Hinuber, Oskar
Rebellion in Northern Laos: The Revolts of the Lu and the Chinese Republicans (1914-1916)Gunn, Geoffrey C.
International Politics and the Transformation of Folk Crafts-The Hmong (Meo) of Thailand and LaosCohen, Erik
Continuities in Highland and Lowland Religions of ThailandDurrenberger, E. Paul, and Tannenbaum, Nicola
Difficulties with Inscription No.1Penth, Hans
Archaeology in Thailand-What's New?Pornchai Suchitta
Lucien B. Hanks (Obituary)Klausner, William J.
Elizabeth Lyons (Obituary)Warren, William

Vol. 77.2 1989

The Pong Tuk Lamp: A ReconsiderationBrown, Robert L., and MacDonnell, Anna M.
Architectural Composition in Java from the Eighth to Fourteenth CenturiesDumarcay, Jacques
A Note on Thai Tattoos- Note Sur le Tatouage en Pays Thai Jusqu'a la Fin du XVIle SiecleLagirarde, Francois
Technical Study on the White-Glazed Wares with Green Patterns Excavated in the Tak Area, ThailandKazuo Yamasaki et. al.
Bangkok in 1883: An Economic and Social ProfileWilson, Constance M.
The Travels in France of the Siamese Ambassadors1686-7Smithies, Michael
Blockprinted Fabrics of Gujarat for Export to SiamArchambault, Michele
On the Origin of the Urak Lawoi' - A response to J.lvanoffPattemore Stephen W., and Hogan, David W.
History and Archaeology in Thailand-What's NewPornchai Suchitta
Index to the Siam Society Newsletter 1985-1989Smithies, Michael

Vol. 78.1 1990

Low's Description of the Siamese Empire in 1824Sternstein, Larry
The Prussian Expedition to the Far East (1860-1862)Martin, Bernd
Sacrifice and the Underworld: Death and Fertility in Siamese Myth and Ri tualWright, Michael
Church and Temple: Socio-Economic Developments in Northeast ThailandPaul Webb, R.A.F.
The Mong (Green Miao) and Their Language: a Brief CompendiumLyman, Thomas Amis
From the Human Body to the Humanized Space: the System of Reference and Representation of Space in Two Villages of Northeast ThailandFormoso, Bernard
Economic Activities of Women in Bangkok, 1883Wilson, Constance M.
"Mandala," "Segmentary State" and Politics of Centralization in Medieval AyudhyaChutintaranond, Sunait
Musical Notation in ThailandMyers-Moro, Pamela
Problems in the Stone Age of ThailandReynolds, T.E.G.
Soedjatmoko-An Appreciation (Obituary)Sulak Sivaraksa

Vol. 78.2 1990

H.R.H. the Princess Mother Celebrates Her 90th BirthdayDavis, Bonnie
The Sab Bak Inscription: Evidence of an Early Vairayana Buddhist Presence in ThailandChirapat Prapandvidya
The Old City of 'Chaliang' - 'Satchanalai' - 'Sawankhalok': a Problem of History and HistoriographyVickery, Michael
A Prop os de Dessins de Charles le Brun Lies a la Venue d'Ambassadeurs Siamois a Paris en 1686Jacq-Hergoualc'h, Michel
Performances by "National Living Treasures" at the Siam SocietyRaikes, Dacre F.A.
"The Opium of the People" a Brief Survey of Some Protestant Development Strategies in Northeast ThailandWebb, R.A.F. Paul
Metallographic and Lead Isotope Studies on Metal Objects Unearthed in the Tak Area, ThailandKazuo Yamasaki et al.
Place, Power and Discourse in the Thai Image of BangkokO'Connor, Richard A.
Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) and the Social Psychology of Religion in Chinese, Thai and Japanese ThoughtTorok, S.J.
Banbhore, an Important River Port on the Ceramic and Glass Routes: a Transit Area for Art Styles from the West to Thailand and Burma Circa 1st c.B.e.-13th c. A.D.DiCrocco, Virginia M.
Siam and Surrounds in 1830 (Notes)Sternstein, Larry
Obituary: In Memory of Mom Rajawongse Chirie Voravarn (Obituary)Davis, Bonnie

Vol. 79.1 1991

In Commemoration: Celebration of the Centenary of H.R.H. Prince Wan WaithayakornDavis, Bonnie
Gala Dinner Launches Fund Raising DriveRogers, Peter
The Major Role of the Mons in Southeast AsiaNai Pan Hla
The Ultimate Origin of the World or the Mula MuhGuillon, Emmanuel
Notes on Mon EpigraphyBauer, Christian
Ceramic Wares of the Haripunjaya AreaDi Crocco, Virginia M.
Thai History? What Thai History?Chand, Mom Chao
A Point of Correction (Notes)Edmondson, Jerold A., and Solnit, David B.
In Memory of Mom Rachawongse Patanachai Jayant (Obituary)Rachit Buri

Vol. 79.2 1991

The Third Cycle Birthday of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri SirindhornDavis, Bonnie
"Articles of Peculiar Excellence": The Siam Exhibit at the U.S. Centennial Exposition (Philadelphia, 1876)Taylor, Lisa McQuail
On Traibhumikatha,Vickery, Michael
The Hantu Raya: a Malay DemonTajudin, Haji Zain
The Bowring Treaty: Imperialism and the Indigenous PerspectiveTerwiel, B.J.
Comparison of Transitional Bencharong and Probable Bat-Trang Enameled WaresRobinson, Natalie V.
Notes on Mon Epigraphy IIBauer, Christian
Finger-Marked Designs on Ancient Bricks in MyanmarU Aung Myint, and Moore, Elizabeth
Mene: a Tai Dialect Originally Spoken in Nghe An (Nghe Tinh), VietnamChamberlain, James R.
Religion and Religious Change in a Hill Karen Community of Northwestern Chiang Mai ProvinceYamamoto Kumiko
A Brief Guide to the Golden TanjurSkilling, Peter
Alexander Brown Griswold (Obituary)Prasert na Nagara

Vol. 80.1 1992

Her Majesty Queen SirikitDavis, Bonnie
A Contemporary Letter About the Events of 1688Davis, Bonnie, and Soame, William
A Revised Dating of Ayudhya ArchitecturePiriya Krairiksh
PhaulkonSioris, George A.
Aspects of Siamese-French Relations During the Seventeenth CenturyVan Der Cruysse, Dirk
Madame Marie GuimardHada Reiko
Ayudhya: Capital-Port of Siam and Its Chinese Connection in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth CenturiesCharnvit Kasetsiri
Ayudhya and Its Place in Pre-Modern Southeast AsiaWright, Michael
The Image of the Burmese Enemy in Thai Perceptions and Historical WritingsSunait Chutintaranond
The Wat Sri Chum Jataka Glosses ReconsideredBauer, Christian
An Information Strategy for Economic ModernizationTorok, Steven J.
Two of Ports of Suvanabhuumi: A Brief Note (Notes)Skilling, Peter
Kraisri Nimmanahaeminda (In Memoriam)Boeles, Jan J.

Vol. 80.2 1992

A Revised Dating of Ayudhya Architecture (II)Krairiksh, Piriya
Computer-Assisted Dating for Thai InscriptionsEade, J.C.
Revitalizing the Law and Development Movement: A Case Study on Land Law in Thailandvon Mehren, Philip, and Sawers, Tim
Religion and Family Law in BurmaAye Kyaw
Symbols on the Body, Feet, and Hands of a BuddhaSkilling, Peter
K'la and the Catholics of Chiang Mai: Village Development in the Northwest of ThailandWebb, R.A.F. Paul
The Buddha under Naga: Animism, Hinduism and Buddhism in Siamese Religion-a senseless pastiche or a living organism?Wright, Michael
Monks and Mediums: Religious Syncretism in Northern ThailandMuecke, Marjorie A
Dancing for Spirits: Lakhon Chatri Performers from Phetchaburi ProvinceGrow, Mary L.
Cosmology, Forest Monks and Sangha Reconstruction in the Early Bangkok PeriodTaylor, James L.
Silver Coins: Evidence for Mining at Bawzaing in the Shan State Circa 6th-8th Century AD.DiCrocco, Virginia M.
Precept and Transgression: Alcohol and Addicts in Ancient and Modern Thailand as Reflected in Thai LiteratureWenk, Klaus
Far Eastern Cultural TransplantationsSioris, George
Thai Classical Music Comes to America: Cultivating a Rare Species in a Musical GreenhouseMiller, Terry E.
Une Approche Ethnologique des Massages Traditionnels ThaIsBecquignon, Nathalie
Cognates and Loans among Aslian Kin TermsParkin, Robert J.

Vol. 81.1 1993

A History of Sukhothai Art: A Framework in Need of RevisionKraikrish, Piriya
The Mangrai Buddha Image of Chiang Mai: A Computer-Assisted RereadingEade, J.C.
Other Peoples' Pasts: Western Archaeologists and Thai PrehistoryGlover, Ian
Beads of Myanmer (Burma): Line Decorared Beads Amongst the Pyu and ChinMoore, Elizabeth, and U Aung Myint
Robert Challe and SiamSmithies, Michael
Who Was Maha Thevi?Stuart-Fox, Martin
Hill Tribes and CatholicsWebb, RAF. Paul
Ancestors and Christians in Rural Northern ThailandFordham, Graham
The Kings' MikadoWyatt, David K.
Some Comments on a Northern Phra Malai Text Dated C.S. 878 (AD. 1516) (Note)Brereton, Bonnie
New Light on Shadows: The Use of Shadow Theater as a Technique in Psychotherapy (Note)Brereton, Derek P.

Vol. 81.2 1993

The London Company's Envoys Plot SiamSternsteain, Larry
Recent Data on Thanon Phra Ruang between Sukhothai and Si Satchanalai: Road or Canal?Godley, David; Bishop, Paul; and Thiva Supajanya
Jacques de Bourges (c. 1630-1714) and SiamSmithies, Michael
The Danes in Siam: Their Involvement in Establishing the Siam Commercial Bank Lt at the End of the Last CenturyEggers-Lara, A.
Irregular Year Notation in the Historical RecordEade, J.C.
Medical Memories of Bangkok at the Turn of the Century (Note)Smith, Malcolm, M.D.

Vol. 82.0 1994

Geohydrology and the decline of AngkorHeng l. Thung
A living Angkor in the Mekong valley regional implications of waterworks restorationTorok Istv an (Steven j. Torok)
The precinct of the Thai uposatha hall [bot]: a Southeast Asian spirit world domainPinna Indorf
The making of an oriental despot: Louis xiv and the Siamese embassy of 1686Ronald S. Love
Body ornamentation and penile implants in Siam and PeguMichael Smithies
The Burmese marionette theaterAxel Bruns
New investigations on Franco-Siamese relations in the 17th century: For a rehabilitation of Father TachardRaphael Vongsuravatana
Buddhadasa Bhikkhu- his last days and his legacyPeter A. Jackson
Facing death with dignity: Buddhism's middle wayDavid Gosling
Siam under siege (1893-1902): modern Thailand's decisive decade, from the "paknam incident" to the first flowering of the "Chakri reformation"Dean Meyers
Conflicting conceptions of the state: Siam, France and Vietnam in the late nineteenth centuryMartin Stuart-Fox
A stormy relationship: Phaulkon and Forbin, 1685-1687Michael Smithies
Simon de la Loubere: French views of Siam in the 1680sRonald S. Love
The Tai before the thirteenth century a perspective from Chinese recordsLeshan Tan
Saint Tachard? A rejoinder to VongsuravatanaMichael Smithies
Some 16th and 17th century interpretations of Japan and Siam Frois-Alvarez-La Loubere-Gervaise: a layman's comparative readingGeorge A. Sioris
Bhikkhu Buddhadasa, Dhammic Socialism. Second edition. Trans. and ed. Donald K. SwearerReviewer William J. Klausner
Robert J. Muscat, Thailand and the United States: Development, Security, and Foreign AidReviewer Ronald Bruce St. John
Thongchai Winichakul, Siam Mapped: A History of the Geo-Body of a NationReviewer Ronald Bruce St. John
Patrica M. Herbert, The Life of the BuddhaReviewer Donald M. Stadtner
Graham Parkes, ed. Nietzsche and Asian ThoughtReviewer William S. Whorton
Sulak Sivaraksa, A Buddhist Vision for Renewing Society: Collected articles by a concerned Thai intellectualReviewer Donald K. Swearer
Sulak Sivaraksa, ed., The Quest for a Just Society: The legacy and challenge of Buddhadasa BhikkhuReviewer William J. Klausner
Craig J. Reynolds, ed. National Identity and its Defenders: Thailand, 1939-1989Reviewer Michael Wright
Acta Asiatica, Foreign Relations of Tokugawa Japan, Sakoku ReconsideredReviewer George A. Sioris

Vol. 83.0 1995

Thai Traditional Gabled Doors and WindowsPitya Bunnag
Chinese Temples in BangkokChuimei Ho
An Archaeological Assessment at Don Dong Muang, Northeast ThailandMoira Wood and Steven Perry
The Landscape Context of Asia's MonumentsDavid H. Engel
Female Renunciants (nang chi) in SiamPeter Skilling
Seventeenth-Century Siam: Its Extent and Urban CentresMichael Smithies
Kosapan face aux intrgues françaisesMorgan Sports and Kanika Chansang
A Pious Fable Reconsidering the Inscription I Controversy: A 'Domonic' ViewMichael Wright
Piltdown3: Further Discussion of The Ram Khamhaeng InscriptionMichael Vickery
Glimpses of Seventeenth-Century Currency and Mensuration in SiamLotika Varadarajan
The Abdication of Phaya Ti6lkHans Penth
Which Ratanapanna Composed The Jinakalamali?Hans Penth
The Kingdom of Lanna and The HIV EpidemicCoos Beyrer
On the Believability of Northern Thai Spirit MediumsJack Bilmes
A Short History of The Library of The Asiatic Society of Japan, 1872-1942Harold M. Otness
Volker Grabowsky, ed. Regions and National Integration in ThailandReviewed by Richard P. Lando
Morgan Sportes, Ombres SiamoisesReviewed by Michael Smithies
François-Timoleon de Choisy Journal du Voyage de Siam L'Abbe de Choisy, Androgyne et mandarinReviewed by Michael Smithies
Charles F. Keyes The Golden Peninsular: Culture and Adaptation in Mainland Southeast AsiaReviewed by Michael Smithies
Lorraine M. Gesick In The Land of Lady White Blood: Southern Thailand and The Meaning of HistoryReviewed by Michael Smithies
Peter A. Jackson Dear Uncle Go: Male Homosexuality in ThailandReviewed by Howard Graves
Obituary: Maj. Gen. Mom Rajawong Kukrit Pramoj

Vol. 84.1 1996

Symbols on the Body, Feet, and Hands of a Buddha, (part II)Peter Skilling
More Thoughts on the Ancient Culture of the Tai PeopleCheah Yanchong
The Thai Census of 1904: Translation and AnalysisVolker Grabowsky
Volker Grabowsky-
Chi (Ji) un mot d'origine khmere en usage dans la langue thaieOlivier de Bernon
Les manuscrits en thai: du Nord de la Siam SocietyFrançois Lagirarde
Thai Stamps from 1883Helmut Gros
Peter G. Warr, ed. The Thai Economy in TransitionReviewed by Ronald Bruce St John
Hans Penth Jinakalamali IndexReviewed by David K. Wyatt
Pasuk Phongpaichit & Chris Baker Thailand Economy and PoliticsReviewed by M.R. Rujaya Abhakorn

Vol. 84.2 1996

The Date of the Wat Bang Sanuk InscriptionHans Penth
Metamorphosis: The Sacred Gable in Siamese and South Indian ArchitectureMichael Wright
Pnji and Inao: Questions of Cultural and Textual HistoryStuart Robson
The Kingdom of Red Earth (Chitu Guo) in Cambodia and Vietnam from the Sixth to the Eighth CenturiesTatsuo Hoshino
European Trade Between Macao and Siam, from Its Beginnings to 1663Rui D' Avila Lourido
Urban Thai Buddhist Attitudes to DevelopmentDavid L. Gosling
Note: On the "Strangeness" of Inscription 1: Comments on Michael Wright's "A Pious Fable: Reconsidering the Inscription 1 Controversy: A 'Demonic' View;" and Michael Vickery's "Piltdown 3: Further Discussion of the Ram Khamhaeng Inscription," JSSBetty Gosling

Vol. 85.0 1997

Editoriallan C. Glover
Little things mean a lot: pots and cloth in Northeast ThailandH. Leedom Lefferts Jr. and Louise Cort
The Phuket Project revisited: the ethno-archaeology through time of maritime-adapted communities in Southeast AsiaRichard Engelhardt and Pamela Rogers
The swinging pendulum: from centrality to marginality -a study of southem-Tenasserim in the history of Southeast AsiaJanell Mills
The Siam of Mendes Pinto's TravelsMichael Smithies
The view from the outside - Nicolas Gervaise, Simon de la Loubere and the perception of seventeenth century Siamese government and societySven Trakulhun
A warrior-ruler stele from Sri Ksetra, Pyu, BurmaJohn Guy
Two engraved gems with combination monsters from Southeast AsiaSheila Middleton
Circular sites at Angkor: a radar scattering modelElizabeth Moore and Anthony Freeman
Archaeological research in the Malay PeninsulaMichel Jacq-Hergoualc'h
The discovery of clay-lined floors at an Iron Age site in Thailand - preliminary observations from Non Muang Kao, Nakhon Ratchasima ProvinceDougald O'Reilly
The Khmer kilns of Ban Ya KhaDawn Rooney and Michael Smithies
Excavation at Bang Wang Hi, Lamphun Province, ThailandJean-Pierre Pautreau, Aude Matringhem, and Patricia Mornais
The excavations of J.-Y. Claeys at Tra Kieu, Central Vietnam, 1927-28: from the unpublished archives of the EFEO, Paris, and records in the possession of the Claeys familyIan Glover
Dharmakirti's Durbodhiiloka and the literature of SrivijayaPeter Skilling
Northeast Thailand from Prehistoric to Modern Times by Peter RogersReviewed by Ian Morson
Angkor Life by Stephen O. MurrayReviewed by Dawn Rooney
Reporting Angkor: Chou Ta-Kuan in Cambodia, AD 1296-1297 by Robert PhillpotsReviewed by Dawn Rooney
The Manchus by Pamela Kyle CrossleyReviewed by Peter Skilling
Aerial Nationalism: a History of Aviation in Thailand by Edward M. YoungReviewed by Peter Rogers
Burmese Manuscripts Part 3 by Heinz BraunReviewed by Peter Skilling
Handbook of Pali Literature by Oskar von HinuberReviewed by Peter Skilling

Vol. 86.0 1998

EditorialIan C. Glover
Diplomatic missions to Tai states by David Richardson and W. C. Mc Leod 1830-1839: anthropological perspectivesAndrew Turton
The origin of the Sek: implications for Tai and Vietnamese historyJames R. Chamberlain
Lue ethnicity in national context: a comparative study of Tai Lue communities in Thailand and LaosPaul T. Cohen
Coudee magique, eau lustrale et baton enchante: rites et croyances dans la construction de l'habitat traditionnel des Jawi (Patani, Thai:lande du Sud)Pierre Le Roux
La formation des reseaux d'echanges reliant l'Asie du Sud et l'Asie du Sud-Est à travers le materiel archeologique (VIe Siecle Av. J.-C.-VIe Siecle Ap. J.-C.-le cas de la Thailande et la Peninsule MalaiseBerenice Bellina
Siamese Mandarins on the Grand Tour, 1688-1690Michael Smithies
Portuguese and Spanish sources for the history of Ayutthaya in the Sixteenth CenturyJohn Villiers
The ethnoarchaeology of Southeast Asian coastal sites: a model for the deposition and recovery of archaeological materialRichard A. Engelhardt and Pamela Rumball Rogers
Recent Mani settlements in Satun Province, Southern ThailandGerd Albrecht and Johannes Moser
A 10,600 year pollen record from Nong Thale Song Hong, Trang Province, South ThailandBernard K. Maloney
Thai literature as reflected in Western reports during the 17th to the 19th CenturiesKlaus Wenk
Round-number reckoning in Thai for the 5000 years of the BuddhaJ.C. Eade
A Trang cave text of 1614 ADAnthony Diller
The work of George Coedes: views of a young manFrederic Maurel
Comments on Christian Bauer's 'The Wat Sri Chum Hitaka glosses reconsideredBetty Gosling
Thailand's Boom and Bust by Pasuk Phongpaichit and Chris BakerReviewed by Ronald Bruce St John
Khmer Mythology: Secrets of Angkor by Vittorio RovedaReviewed by Ronald Bruce St John
Loyalty Demands Dissent: Autobiography of an Engaged Buddhist by Sulak SivaraksaReviewed by Ronald Bruce St John
Loyalty Demands Dissent: Autobiography of an Engaged Buddhist by Sulak SivaraksaReviewed by William J. Klausner
The Dvaravati Wheels of the Law and the Indianization of South East Asia by Robert L. Brown.Reviewed by Peter Skilling
Singhalesische Handschriften, Teil 2, Die Katalognummern 199-376 (Verzeichnis der orientalischen Handschriften in Deutschland Band XXII, 2) by Heinz BechertReviewed by Peter Skilling

Vol. 87.0 1999

A Tribute To His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej On The Completion Of His Sixth Cycle
Photograph of His Majesty Visiting the Society
Thai Poetic Tribute: Boromorachasianwat, by Dr. Saksi Yaemnadda
Excerpts on "Self-Reliance Theory of Development" from Concepts and Theories of His Majesty the King's Initiatives. Bangkok: Royal Projects Development Board, the United Nations Development Programme & the Department of Technical and Economic Cooperation, 1997.
Obituary: William J. GedneyThomas W. Gething
Thai Women in late-Ayutthaya Style Paintings.Napat Sirisambhand and Alec Gordon
The Gardens of the Royal Palace at Ayutthaya.Keith Branigan and Colin Merrony
Time in Transition: King Narai and the Luang Prasoet Chronicle of Ayutthaya.Ian Hodges
Forced Resettlement Campaigns in Northern Thailand during the Early Bangkok Period.Volker Grabowsky
The Image of Chiang Mai: the Making of a Beautiful City.Ronald D. Renard
Moving House: Migration and the Place of the Household on the Thai Periphery.Hjorleifur Jonsson.
Note: Notes on an Article by Rui d' Avila Louirdo.Michael Smithies
Note: Response to a Question Asking the Meaning of Vientiane (Vieng Can).Michel Lorrillard
Note: On Wat Sa Bua Kaeo.Ronald D. Renard
Waldon Bello, Shea Cunningham and Li Kheng Poh, A Siamese Tragedy: Development and Disintegration in Modern ThailandReviewed by Michael Smithies
Charles Higham and Rachanie Thosarat, Prehistoric Thailand - From Early Settlement to SukhothaiReviewed by Ian Glover
Craig A. Lockard, Dance of Life: Popular Music and Politics in Southeast AsiaReviewed by Terry E. Miller
Michael Vickery, Society, Economics, and Politics in Pre-Angkor Cambodia: the 7th and 8th CenturiesReviewed by David Chandler
Penny Van Esterik, Women of Southeast AsiaReviewed by Nicola Tannenbaum
Hiromu Honda and Noriki Shimazu, The Beauty of Fired Clay: Ceramics from Burma, Cambodia, Laos and ThailandReviewed by Peter M. Ahn
John Guy, Woven Cargoes: Indian Textiles in the EastReviewed by John Villiers
Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, In the Realm of the Diamond QueenReviewed by Ronald D. Renard

Vol. 88.0 2000

PoemPhaitoon Phromwichit
Obituary: Professor Anthony Thomas KirschO. W. Wolters
Obituary: Professor Gehan WijeyewardeneJames Fox
Notes on the History of the Art of Mother-of-Pearl in Thailand with Particular Reference to the Doors on the Ubosot of Wat Phra ChetuphonKlaus Wenk
Love Poems in Modem Thai NiratSuchitra Chongstitvatana
Ayedawbon Kyan, an Important Myanmar Literary Genre Recording Historical EventsUthaw Kaung
Excavations of Kilns Near the Old City of Si sat ch anal ai, Thailand: Prompt Redevelopment of Pottery ProductionKaren Randolph
Phu Phra Bat: A Remarkable Archaeological Site in Northeastern ThailandNandana Chutiwongs
Historical Writings, Historical Novels and Period Movies and Dramas: An Observation Concerning Burma in Thai Perception and UnderstandingSunait Chutintharanon
Changing Power and Positions of Mo Muang in Northern Thai Healing RitualsAnan Ganjanapan
Intellectual Aspects of Strong Kingship in the Late Nineteenth CenturyAttachak Sattayanurak
The Ancestral Spirit Forest (Don Pu Ta) and the Role Behavior of Elders (Thao Cham) in Northeastern ThailandBoonyong Kettate
Madame Constance's JewelsMichael Smithies
New Light on Early Cambodian BuddhismNancy Dowling
Creative Engagement: SujavalJlJa Wua Luang and Its Contribution to Buddhist LiteratureJustin Mcdaniel
Shanguo is not a Shan Kingdom: To Correct a Mistake Related to the Early History of Tai-speaking Peoples in China and Mainland Southeast AsiaHe Ping
Persian Religious and Cultural Influence in Siam/Thailand and Maritime Southeast Asia in Historical Perspective: A Plea for a Concerted Interdisciplinary ApproachMuhammad Ismail Marcinkowski
Rules for Interpolation in the Thai Calendar: Suriyayatra Versus the SasanaJ.C. Eade
Note: Dedication for the Ubosot at Wat Sa Bua Kaeo
Note: An Approach to the Study of Contemporary Earthenware Technology in Mainland Southeast AsiaLouise Cort And Leedom Lefferts
Note: Thai Ceramics, Lan Na and Sawanakalok: An Interview with John ShawRay Hearn
Note: The Incredible Journey of the Wa From 1949 to 2005John Dalton
Hjorfeifur Jonsson, Yao Design of Northern Thailand, Jacqueline Butler-Diaz; Patterns on Textiles of the Ethnic Group of Vietnam, Diep Trung Binh; Lao Mien Embroidery: Migration and Change, Ann Yarwood Goldman; Botschaften an die Gotter: Religiose Handschriften der Yao; Siidchina, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Thomas O. HCillmann and Michael Freidrich; Yao Ceremonial Paintings, Jacques Lemoine; Peoples of the Golden Triangle: Six Tribes of Thailand, Paul Lewis and Elaine Lewis.
Ronald D. Renard, The Haw: Traders of the Golden Triangle, Andrew Forbes; The Aka: Guardians of the Forest, Jim Goodman; Children of the Jade Dragon: The Naxi of Lijian and Their Mountain Neighbors the Yi, Jim Goodman; Khon Muang: People and Principalities of North Thailand, Andrew Forbes & David Henley; The Kachin: Lords ofBurma's Northern Frontier, Bertil Lintner.
Don McCaskill and Ken Kampe, editors, Development or Domestication? Indigenous Peoples of Southeast AsiaReviewed By Susan M. Darlington
Michaael Smithies, A Siamese Embassy Lost in Africa 1686: The Odyssey of Ok-khun ChamnanReviewed By Dhiravat Na Pombejra
Robert Challe, Journal du voyage des Indes Orientales,à Monsieur Pierre Raymond, suivi de la relation de ce qui est arrive dans le royaume de Siam en 1688Reviewed By Michael Smithies
Shigetomi, Shin'ichi, Cooperation and Community in Rural Thailand: An Organizational Analysis of Participatory Rural DevelopmentReviewed By Michael M. Calavan
Luo Yongxian, A Dictionary of DehongReviewed By Pranee Kullavanijaya
Fleur Brofos, Laos RootsReviewed By David Snellgrove
Bruce Reynolds, Thailand and Japan's Southern Advance 1940-1945Reviewed By Ronald D. Renard
Alain Forest, Les Missionnaires francais au Tonkin et au Siam XVIIe-XVIIIe siecles: Analyse comparee d’un relatif succes et d'un echec totalReviewed By Michael Smithies
Hans Penth, Phanphen Khriiathai, Silao Ketphrom, Corpus of Lan Na Inscriptions, Vol. 3Reviewed By Peter Skilling
Heinz Bechert, editor, Sanskrithandschriflen aus den Turfanfunden, Teil 8, Die Katalognummern 1800-1900Reviewed By Peter Skilling

Vol. 89.0 2001

Obituary: Leh Tsan Kway
Obituary: O. W. WoIters
Translating Thai Poetry: Cushman, and King Narai's "Long Song Prophecy for Ayutthaya"Richard D. Cushman, Translator And David K. Wyatt, Editor
Intellectual Origins of Strong Kingship (Part 2)Attachak Sattayanurak
Origins of the Nineteenth Century Transformation of Cosmology in Northern Siam: The Nan Inta-McGilvary Debates on Science and ReligionHerbert R. Swanson
Yunnanese in Thailand: Past and PresentHe Ping
Revenue Document from Thai-Occupied KengtungAlan D. Cameron And Kenneth G. Clark
The Chiang Mai Campaign of 1787-1788: Beyond the Chronicular AccountTun Aung Chain
Thai Descendants in Burma: A Thai Court Dancer's FamilyTin Maung Kyi
On M.L. Manich JumsaiAddress by Dr. Sumet Jumsai, 4 October 2001
On Books from the Ayutthayan EraAddress by Michael Smithies, 4 October 2001
Ayutthaya Era Books
More on M.L. Manich JumsaiAddress by Sumet Jumsai, 11 October 2001
On Books from the Nineteenth CenturyAddress by Michael Smithies, 11 October 2001
From the archives: Thai Word CoiningH.R.H Prince Wan Waithayakon Krommun Naradhip Bongsprabandh
Note: Wat Chaiyaphrukmala, Taling Chan, BangkokThongsuk Banthongchit
Note: The Antiqurian Society of Siam Speech of King ChulalongkornChris Baker, Translator
A Regional Approach to Thailand: Reflections on the writings of A. Thomas KirschReviewed By Hjorleifur Jonsson
Dark City, White Space: A review of books featuring black and white photography on life and death in BangkokReviewed By Oliver Hargreave
Bachchan Kumar, editor, Glimpses of Early Indo-Indonesian Culture, Collected Papers of Himansu Bhusan SarkarReviewed by Professor Emeritus Slisurang Poolthupya
National Library, Department of Fine Arts, Tamra Bhab Devarup lae Devata NabagrahReviewed by Michael Wright
Dan F. Bradley, Simo: The Story of a boy of SiamReviewed by Ronald D. Renard
Anne Peters, compiler and Heinz Bechert, editor, Burmese ManuscriptsReviewed by Peter Skilling
Martin Stuart-Fox, Historical Dictionary of Laos (2nd edition)Reviewed by Penny Van Esterik
Sid Brown, The Journey of One Buddhist Nun: Even Against the WindReviewed by Penny Van Esterik
John Girling, Interpreting Development: Capitalism, Democracy and the Middle Class in ThailandReviewed by Gary Suwannarat
Elizabeth Hinton, Oldest Brother's Story: Tales of the Pwo KarenReviewed by Christina Fink
Kasian Tejapira, Commodifying Marxism: The Formation of Modem Thai Radical Culture, 1927-1958Reviewed by Craig J. Reynolds
Pinkaew Laungaramsri, Redefining Nature: Karen Ecological Knowledge and the Challenge to the Modern Conservation ParadigmReviewed by Hjorleifur Jonsson
Andrew Turton, editor, Challenging the Intellectual and Political Limitations of Essentialist and Racist Thinking. Review of Civility and Savagery: Social Identity in Thai StatesReviewed by John Mckinnon

Vol. 90.0 2002

From Yue to TaiChris Baker
The Costume of the Tai Sai WomenBernard Formoso
Tilling the Lord's Vineyard and Defending Portuguese Interests:Towards a Critical Reading of Father S. Manrique's Account of ArakanJacques P. Leider
The Seizure of the Santa Ant6nia at Patani.VOC Freebooting, the Estado da India and Peninsular Politics, 1602-1609Peter Borschberg
Accounts of the Makassar Revolt, 1686Michael Smithies
Intellectuals and the Establishment of Identities in the Thai Absolute Monarchy StateSaichol Sattayanurak
Instructions Given to the Siamese Envoys Sent to Portugal, 1684Michael Smithies & Dhiravat Na Pombejra
The Ramayana Drama in MyanmarUthawkaung
Le mul kammatthan du Wat Ratchathiwat date de 1661 A.D.: presentation et traductionOuvier De Bernon
Des Hommes aux Dieux: Boissons Ferrnentees, Rituelles et Festives D' Asie du Sud-est et Au-DelaPierre Le Roux
Terence R. Blackbum, The British Humiliation of BurmaReviewed by Reinhard Hohler
Pinkaew Laungaramsri, Redefining Nature: Karen Ecological Knowledge and the Challenge to the Modern Conservation ParadigmReviewed by Hjorleifur Jonsson
Wajuppa Tossa, Phya Khankhaak, the Toad King: A Translation of an Isan Fertility Myth into English VerseReviewed by Katherine A. Bowie
Michel Gilguin, Les Musulmans de Thai'landeReviewed by Carool Kersten
Shigeharu Tanabe & Charles F. Keyes, Cultural Crisis and Social memory: Modernity and Identity in Thailand and LaosReviewed by Chris Baker

Vol. 91.0 2003

Trade, Culture, and Society in Thailand before 1200 ADHelen James
Before Angkor: Early Communities in Northeast ThailandSusan Talbot
On Rice and Rice Fields in Old Lan NaHans Penth
Eclipses in Siam 1685 and 1688, and their RepresentationMichael Smithies
Health Care Development in a Changing Thai Society: Beyond the PhysicalMarco Roncarati
Ban Maha Phai and Phrae Dam: from Silent Movie to Novel?David Smyth
Note: The First Printed Sentence in Thai: 1646Luigi Bressan
Michel Jacq-Hergoualc'h, The Malay Peninsula: Crossroads of the Maritime Silk Road (1OO BC-1300AD)Reviewed By Stuart Munro-Hay
Sao Saimong Mangrai, The Padang Chronicle and the Jentung State ChronicleReviewed By David K. Wyatt
Edmund Roberts and W.S.W. Ruschenberger, Two Yankee Diplomats in 1930s SiamReviewed By Stephen J. Young
Tanno Rajasaari Vapour Trails: Tales from rural ThailandReviewed By John Haylock
Ashley South, Mon nationalism and Civil War in Burma: The Golden SheldrakeReviewed By Bertil Lintner
Benedict Anderson, ed. Violence and the State in Suharto's IndonesiaReviewed By Michael Smithies
John N. Miksic, ed. Earthenware in Southeast Asia: Proceedings of the Singapore Symposium on Premodern Southeast Asia EarthenwaresReviewed By Dawn F. Rooney
Nicola Tannenbaum and Cornelia A. Kammerer, eds. Founders' Cults in Southeast Asia: Ancestors, Polity, and IdentityReviewed By Karl E. Weber
James T. Siegel and Audrey R. Kathin, eds. Southeast Asia over Three Generations. Essays presented to Benedict R. O'G. Anderson Reviewed By Karl E. Weber
Obituary: H.S.H. Prince Subhadradis Diskul

Vol. 92.0 2004

King Mongkut (first published in JSS vol. 1, 1904, pp. 191-207) Introduced by Tej BunnagO. Frankfurter
The opposed human figure at Khok Phanom DiCharles Higham
Exploring a new approach to early Thai historyYoneo Ishii
Relations between Ayutthaya and RyukyuPiyada Chonlaworn
Four unpublished letters from Desfarges, Beauchamp, and Vollant, survivors of the siege of Bangkok in 1688Michael Smithies
Prince Prisdang and the proposal for the first Siamese constitution, 1885Sumet Jumsai
Russian- Thai relations: historical and cultural aspectsYevgeny D. Ostrovenko
Village as stage: Imaginative space and time in rural Northeast Thai livesLeedom Lefferts
Note: The lacquer pavilion in the First Reign contextPatricia M. Young
Jean-Pierre Pautreau et al. Ban Wang Hai: Excavations of an Iron-Age Cemetery in Northern ThailandReviewed by Helen James
David Snellgrove, Angkor-Before and After: A Cultural History of the KhmersReviewed by Dawn F. Rooney
Claudine Bautze-Picron, The Buddhist Murals of Pagan: Timeless vistas of the CosmosReviewed by Virginia di Crocco
Dirk Van der Cruysse, translated by Michael Smithies Siam and the West, 1500-1700Reviewed by Reinhard Hohler
Father Adriano di St. Tecla, translated and annotated by Olga Dror, Opusculum de sectis apus Sinenses et Tunkinenses (A small treatise on the sects among the Chinese and Tonkinese). A study of religion in China and North Vietnam in the eighteenth century.Reviewed by Liam C. Kelley
Choi Byung Wook, Southern Vietnam under the reign of Minh Mang (1820-1841) : Central policies and local responseReviewed by George Dutton
Yos Santasombat, Lak Chang: A reconstruction ofTai identity in DaikongReviewed by Reinhard Hohler
Peter Jackson, Buddhadasa: Theravada Buddhism and Modernist Reform in ThailandReviewed by Justin McDaniel
Jane Werner and Daniele Belanger, eds,Gender, Household, State: Doi Moi in Viet NamReviewed by Liam C. Kelley
Teri Shaffer Yamada, ed. Virtual Lotus: Modern Fiction of South East AsiaReviewed by David Smyth
Ho Anh Thai, The Women on the IslandReviewed by Montira Rato
Michael Smithies, Village VignettesReviewed by Tarmo Rajasaari
Obituary: H.S.H. Prince Subhadradis Disku1,a personal appreciationRuth Gerson
Obituary: Larry SternsteinM. S.
Obituary: Sirichai Narumit-RekagarnSulak Sivaraksa

Vol. 93.0 2005

Population and state in Lan Na prior to the mid-sixteenth centuryVolker Grabowsky
Thai-Burmese warfare during the sixteenth century and the growth of the first Toungoo empirePamaree Surakiat
From the composition of national histories to the building of a regional South-East AsiaStephane Dovert
Disorder, fear, death, and their transcendenceMarco Roncarati
From the archives: On Siamese proverbs and idiomatic expressions (JSS 1904, Vol. 1)G.E. Gerini
James Koo, ed., Art and archaeology of Fu NanReviewed By Ian Glover
Hiram Woodward, The Art and Architecture of Thailandfrom Prehistoric Times through the Thirteenth CenturyReviewed By Pattaratorn Chirapravati
Carol Stratton, Buddhist sculpture of Northern ThailandReviewed By John Listopad
Michael Smithies, Three Military Accounts ofthe 'Revolution' of 1688; Michael Smithies, Witnesses to a Revolution: Siam 1688Reviewed By Kennon Breazeale
Henry Ginsburg, Thai art and Culture: historic manuscripts/rom Western collectionsReviewed By Pattaratorn Chirapravati
Volker Grabowsky and Andrew Turton, The Gold and Silver Road o/Trade and Friendship: the McCleod and Richardson diplomatic missions to Tai states in 1837Reviewed By Milton Osborne
Michel Jacq-Hergoualc'h, Le SiamReviewed By Michael Smithies
J. Kermel-Torres, Atlas of Thailand: Spatial structures and developmentReviewed By Peter Van Dierman
David Wyatt, Reading Thai muralsReviewed By Rita Ringis
Kamala Tiyavanich, The Buddha in the JungleReviewed By Claudio Cicuzza
Virginia di Crocco, Footprints of the Buddhas of this Era in ThailandReviewed By Hiram Woodward
James Fahn, A Land on FireReviewed By Warren Brockelman
N. Tapp et al, eds, Hmong/Miao in AsiaReviewed By Eric Cohen
Richard Totman, The Third Sex: Kathoey--Thailand's ladyboysReviewed By Peter Jackson
Bruce Missingham, The Assembly o/the PoorReviewed By Yale Needel
William Warren, The Siam Society.: A CenturyReviewed By Michael Smithies
Mary Callahan, Making enemies: war and state building in BurmaReviewed By Emma Larkin
Gerry Abbott, Back to MandalayReviewed By Emma Larkin
Goh Beng-Lan, Modern dreams, an inquiry into power, cultural production, and the cityscape in contemporary urban PenangReviewed By Tan Liok Ee
E. Locher-Scholten, Sumatran Sultanate and Colonial State: iambi and the rise of Dutch imperialismReviewed By Lee Kam Hing

Vol. 94.0 2006

Siamese-Korean relations in the late fourteenth centuryHung-Guk Cho
Burma: Shan domination in the Ava period (c. AD 1310-1555)Aye Chan
Whirligig of diplomacy: a tale of Thai-Portuguese relations, 1613-9Kennon Breazeale
Lahu Nyi (Red Lahu) village temples and their Buddhist affiliationsAnthony Walker
Remembering local history: Kuba Wajiraphanya (c. AD 1853-1928)Andrew Turton
From the archives: A visit to Siam in 1650 (with introduction)Jan Janszoon Struys
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Vol. 95.0 2007

The Castilians discover Siam: Changing Visions and Self-DiscoveryFlorentino Rodao
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Yamada Nagamasa and his relations with SiamYoshiteru Iwamoto
Phlai Kaeo ordains as a novice: a chapter from Khun Chang Khun PhaenChris Baker And Pasuk Phongpaichit
Irregular dating in Lan Na: an anomaly resolvedJ. C. Eade
Teak logging in a trans-boundary watershed: an historical case study of the Ing River basin in Northern Thailand Suphawat Laohachaiboon And Shinya Takeda
Socio-cultural reflections on the address terms in the lyrics of Thai country and city songsKriengkrai Watanasawad
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Obituary: Prof. Sippanondha KetudatChetana Nagavajara
Obituary: Prof. Klaus WenkBarend Jan Terwiel
Obituary: Prof. David WyattTej Bunnag
Obituary: Ambassador Vivadh Na PombejraVitthya Vejjajiva
Obituary: Dr Betty GoslingBonnie Brereton
Obituary: Dr Henry GinsburgHiram Woodward

Vol. 96.0 2008

The early Byzantine lamp from Pong TukBrigette Borrell 
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Bishop Barthelemy Bruguiere, 1792 - 1845Kennon Breazeale
Description of Siam in 1829. Translated and edited by Kennon Breazeale and Michael SmithiesBarthelemy Bruguiere
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The Mon of Lower BurmaDonald M. Stadtner
Karen and Lahu: ethnic affiliation or Baptists' imagination?Anthony Walker
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Obituary: HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana
Obituary: James di Crocco