Journal of the Siam Society 1904-1910

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Journal Contents (click on PDF to download)

Vol. 1.0 1904

Rules of the Siam SocietyPDF
The Aims of the SocietyFrankfurter, O.PDF
The Foundation of AyuthiaDamrong (Rajanubhab), H.R.H. PrincePDF
On Siamese Proverbs and Idiomatic ExpressionsGerini, G.E.PDF
Notes LaotiennesMorin, PierrePDF
On the Menam Mun and the Provinces in the EastPraja Kitkarachakr, Phya (Chaem Bunnag)PDF
King MongkutFrankfurter, O.PDF
The Foundation of the SocietyWilliamson, W.J.F.PDF
Ordinary general meetingsWilliamson, W.J.F.PDF
Report and Accounts for 1904Frankfurter, O.PDF
Meteorological ObservationsHighet, H. CampbellPDF
To ContributorsGerini G.E.PDF

Vol. 2.1 1905

Rules of the Siam SocietyPDF
A Propose des Origines et de I'Histoire Ancienne du SiamPetithuguenin, P.PDF
Researches into Indigenous Law of Siam as a study of Comparative JurisprudenceMasao, T.PDF
Note sur les Populations de la Region des Montagnes des CardamonesBrengues, JeanPDF
Some Archaeological Notes on Monthon PuketBourke, W. WaIterPDF
A Supposed Dutch Translation of a Siamese State Paper in 1688Anonymous (Frankfurter, O. ?)PDF
Geheimrat BastianPDF
In Memoriam J. A. L. BrandesPDF
Meetings and Reports of the SocietyPDF
Meteorological RecordsPDF
In Memorium Doctor Jean BrenguesPDF

Vol. 2.2 1905

A Historical Retrospect of Junkceylon IslandGerini, G. E.PDF

Vol. 3.1 1906

Climate and Health in BangkokHighet, H. CampbellPDF
Montone Puket (Siam) Malay PeninsulaCarrington, JohnPDF
Poket. Reprint from Dr. Bradley's Bangkok Calendar for 1871Bradley, D.B.PDF
Meetings of the SocietyPDF

Vol. 3.2 1906

Some Suggestions for Romanizing SiameseFrankfurter, O.PDF
Secret Writing in SiameseFrankfurter, O.PDF
Economical Development of Siamvan der Heide, J. HomanPDF
Annual General Meeting 1907. Report for 1906. Balance Sheet 1906-PDF

Vol. 4.1 1907

About Siamese MedicineBeyer, C.PDF
Siamese Missions to Ceylon in the 18th centuryO.F. (Frankfurter)PDF
The Romanizing of SiameseO.F. (Frankfurter)PDF

Vol. 4.2 1907

Note sur le regime legal de le CochinchinePech, F.PDF
Some Siamese Ghost-lore and DemonologyIrwin, A.J.PDF
Rainfall Records of the Kingdom of SiamPDF
Societe d' Angkor(Belhomme R.)PDF

Vol. 4.3 1907

The Edible Bird Nest Islands of SiamDunlap, Eugene P.PDF
Meetings and Reports of the SocietyPDF
Meteorological Data for 1907PDF

Vol. 5.1 1908

Burmese Invasions of Siam (Part I-VI), Hmannan Yazawin Dawgyi(translated by Nai Thien)PDF

Vol. 5.2 1908

The New Penal Code of SiamMasao, T.PDF

Vol. 5.3 1908

Historical Sketch of LophburiDamrong, H.R.H PrincePDF
Lopburi, Past and PresentGiblin, R.W.PDF

Vol. 5.4 1908

Siam in 1688 (A Narrative of the Revolutions)Frankfurter, O.PDF
Reports and Accounts-PDF
Meteorological Abstract, 1908-PDF
List of Members-PDF

Vol. 6.1 1909

The Oldest Known Writing in Siamese; the inscription of Phra Ram Khamhaeng of Sukhothai, 1293 A.D.Bradley, C.B.PDF

Vol. 6.2 1909

Early Astronomical and Magnetic Observations in SiamGiblin, R.W.PDF

Vol. 6.3 1909

Events in Ayuddhya from Chulasakaraj 686-966(Translation)Frankfurter, O.PDF
Some Remarks on Kaempfer's Description of Siam, 1690Frankfurter, O.PDF

Vol. 7.1 1910

Translation of van Vliet's Description of the Kingdom of Siamvan Ravenswaay, L.F.PDF
Sketch of Bishop Vey's lifeColombet, E.PDF
Annual Report and AccountsPDF
Meteorological Averages for 1909Highet, H. CampbellPDF

Vol. 7.2 1910

The late King ChulalongkornFrankfurter, O.PDF
Translation of The book of the BirdsCrosby, J.PDF

Vol. 7.3 1910

Lettres du Roi de Siam a  sa Fille la Princesse Nibha NabhatalaChulalongkorn, King (Translated by C. Notton)PDF